Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rise of the mid-section

I'm finally feeling like life is calming down and I can regain control and so begins a new blog post.  Sorry it's been a while since my last update, life has been blah for me when it comes to wanting to blog.  so much has happened, good and better then planned and then there's the rise (increase) of my mid-section.

I stopped exercising in mid-September when I hit a brick wall and since have gained 5lbs and 6" on my waist causing some infrequent pains in my lower back.  This past weekend I put together a new notebook to record my workouts and read through pg. 90, which gets me to stage (week) 5 of the plan.  My trips to the gym have been pretty infrequent, but I have been going.  It's really just a blow to my pride going back in this type of shape.  Tacking on 5 extra pounds has really made a huge difference to how I feel and  my body shape.  I was in such great shape a few months ago and I wanted to go back to the gym feeling my sexiest and instead I'm coming back a few pounds heavier and a low self-esteem.  Though with RYBO I plan on gaining back control of my body weight and self esteem.

Last week I picked up a copy of Run Your Butt Off by Runner's World.  I kept getting the emails and after I bit it peeked my interest.  I knew that I needed to do something and my energy levels have dropped making it difficult for me to begin the Sexy is Strong Challenge again. 

Abs Today:

Weight: 159

It's now day 4 and I'm doing pretty good.  The book recommends scoring yourself each day on how well you do in eating healthy.  1 being a bad day and 5 being whatever your idle of eating healthy is.  I'm going to be posting my daily eats and workout scores like I did with Sexy is Strong Challenge on facebook and my blogging goal is at least once a week to keep myself accountable . I've also be posted embarrassing photos of my my abs (shown above) to show how much I've let my abs go and below Ive posted what they looked like back in August to help motive me to loose the extra inches.  

Goals to be accomplished by December 31 (5 weeks):
* run for 30 minutes without a rest period
* lose 4" in my abs
* eliminate lower back pain
* look and feel like I did in August (photo below)

Abs on 08/12/11:

Weight: 154

Yesterday's Eats: go
Yesterday's Workout go