Monday, April 25, 2011

stop overcomplicating and k.i.s.s.


I was still excited about my weekend in DC so I thought what better way to extend my dancing, but to attend the green door Tuesday night. Plus, I still haven’t had my birthday dance. After my meet up group I headed over, which enabled me to try out my new shoes to. This helped me to better determine, that yes, I do need to have them sueded.

I wasn't very prepared after coming back from DC to make sure I had proper meals planned, which left me eating foods that didn't fuel my body and left me feeling sluggish until I was able to gather a plan Wednesday night.   Luckily, we all have days weeks that are plans get thrown off course, but it's all about the changes Iwe make to bring ourselves back and out of the land of lethargic.  Once my plan was in place I did very well at sticking to my meal plan this week.

Thursday I met with the head trainer to review my goals and routine and see what changes should be made to match my fitness goals.  I made it to my appointment on time and ready to start at 6pm.  When we talked about my routine I was fumbling over my words and my paper since I hadn't worked out all the kinks to my log after making several edits to it so I could better allow for more recovery time.

I was looking forward to the meeting, but unsure as to what the trainer would  tell me and what changes would need to be made.  After sitting through the assessment and not actually reviewing much of anything due to him spewing his master’s degree in my face and insulting everything I had done regarding my fitness, including going to the Chiropractor, reading fitness magazine, over-training, and also insulting a previous trainer who no longer works there (very unprofessional).  Needless to say I was not excited about working with him after leaving my assessment.  He not once looked me in the eye, but always past me telling me that he really didn't want to be there and wouldn't even let me finish my thoughts.  There are really great trainers at my gym who are pleasant, informative and tough on the workout floor, however, because this pompous ass has a master’s degree he out trumps them for the initial assessment. 

It was really hard to listen to him while he was acting like a pompous ass, but I know that what he was saying did have merit, however, the presentation needs a little work and some professionalism so it can be better absorbed.  After weeding through his arrogant demeanor I was able to pull out some things that I knew he was right on like the fact I've been over-training and I need to cut back so I made a few adjustment and I'll be trying them out next week.  These changes along with him referring to my log as being "over-complicated" led me to creating a new, very simple fitness log, which I'm very much excited about.  I'm still working oiut the kinks, but once I'm done I'll upload it.. 

Surprisingly, I had a very enjoyable Easter.  I spent most of the day with my dad and step mom's family.  We had a yummy dinner (which I ate way to much of) and I made sure to help out where I could.  Afterward a few of us sat in the living room and watched Transformers: Revenge of the Machines.  We had ample time to chat and catch up during dinner and everyone was well behaved, which is a rarity with family events.  My most favorite part of the day was spending time with my dad, quality time which I don't usually get to have with him. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week one

I've decided to participate in the food budget challenge found at custom made life, a blog that I happened to come across last week.  I've been really bad at not using some of the dry goods I already have and end up making new recipes that call for other ingredients.  What I hope to accomplish from this challenge is to save a little money each week by using some of the ingredients I already have, including making my own whole wheat bread so I'm not spending $5 for a loaf every week. 

Goal: $50.00
Actual: $92.43   (Giant: $41.92 + hg: $10.15 + Wegmans: $40.36)

I really wasn't expecting my bill to be so much, bu things add up when you venture to other stores.

Snack #1: (1/2) Soy Protein Shake, Banana
Post Workout: Soy Protein Shake
Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (sm), (1 cup) silk milk, (1/2 c) grapes, (tb) PB.
Lunch: Red Delicious Apple, Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower, (1/4 c) hummus
Snack #2: (1/2 c) Cottage Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, (1/2 c) Pineapple Chunks
Dinner: Grilled Eggplant & Portobello Burger & (1 c) Cantaloupe

Staples Purchased:
- Canned Pineapple ($10 for 10)

Lessons Learned:
- Nutritious bread and Cherry Tomatoes are expensive
- 3 trips are to many and lead to extra spending
- I have a hard time not buying a sunflower nut cookie and a berry bran muffin from healthy grocer = $5

Project: Food Budget

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Monday, April 18, 2011

happy birthday to me!!!

I'm at week 3 of my visits back to the Chiropractor and I'm feeling great, which shows through my big happy smile.  You really notice a difference when your body gets put back in alignment.  I was glad to mark 0 for my current pain, and learn some information about how my body was aligned late last year when I had my x-rays done-still more work needs to be done to straighten me out properly, but I'm game.  Still no running and light workouts for the next few weeks so were going to review my new routine that I started Monday on the 25th and see how it's working.  I made sure to keep my lower body free from weights and added a jump rope routine and a swimming day to balance out my routine.  I've been slacking on keeping my leg iced as often as I did the first week, but any bit is beneficial.  I've been taking Ibuprofen before my workouts and using biofreeze and then about an hour after I get to work I usually remember to ice my leg.

I've been successful for two weeks now at eating 95% clean and sticking to my meal plan.  I had to make a few adjustments on Monday, but it helped me to add more veggies and made sure to keep my meals simple.  I'm very proud of myself, especially since it's showing in so many areas.  I also started logging my meals again on Monday so I can review how often I've been eating and how much sugar I'm consuming.  I really do want to cut back on added sugar if not totally eliminate it.

I've been enjoying how eating clean makes me feel and that I've been more focused.   I also bought a new meal planning notebook from Staples on Saturday so I can keep all my meal plans and grocery lists together.  I really dislike using loose leaf paper-it's too easy to get lost.  There's better feeling than having a plan when you walk into a grocery store and far less likely to get distracted by non-nutrient rich foods.

I'm so excited to be turning 30 (I can't promise that I'll be this excited next year when I hit 31, but I'm enjoying it so far).  I spent the weekend between the DC area and Fairfax VA with some old friends.  It was great catching up; I even ran into 3 friends who recently moved to the DC area who I used to know from the west coast. 

I surprisingly wasn't sleep deprived and even snuck in a little shopping between dances at DCLX.  I didn't even think about REI being n the area until Saturday evening when one of my favorite dancers from VA mentioned he'd gone that morning for their attack sale.  i lite up inside and Sunday afternoon I skipped the afternoon dance at DuPont Circle and made a visit to REI.  I found a lot of really cute running wear, but nothing  had the right fit.  The GymGirl Ultra Skirt by SkirtSport really appealed to me, but they didn't have my size.  I'm thinking about ordering it, because I think it's going to look cute, but that could just be wishful thinking to. Though this will have to wait another month or two until I catch up on some of my major financial responsibilities.  Adult responsibilities first, then I can reward myself with cute things once I accomplish a new goal/task.

Since DSW was very close to REI I made a very quick stop to check out their Keds. I was  hoping to find the white Keds I bought at Kohl's a few months back, however, I didn't think they would stay white for long with all the snow we were getting so I returned them.  I sadly didn't find them, but  I did find a few of their grasshopper collection (they were only 29.99 at DSW) and tired them on.  They were so cushy and comfortable and after trying a few turns on the carpet decided to get them.  If they could turn this well on carpet then they would be no problem on the wood floor for now until I have an opportunity to find a cobbler to suede them.  I really liked the blue color and style, especially compared to the old version of Grasshoppers I used to own when I first starting dancing.  They were beige and reminded me of nurse shoes..  .

Yikes, can't believe I actually finished mine and two years worth.  Yeah, I know.  Last year was really complicated and there was a lot I needed to get done and just didn't have the finances to get everything done.  Then it just got to the point where I figured it was close enough to 2010's tax time that I would just do them at the same time.  I ended up doing them online and wasn't able to e-file them, but got them mailed out on April 19. I know a day late, but at least they're done!!!  I know I'll be hit with a fine for not turning in last years, but it's my fault for not turning them in and I'll have to deal with the consequences.  Hopefully it wont be a big fine and I'll still get some of my refund back-at least enough to buy my plane ticket to Cali this summer to visit my bf.  

I finally crossed the PA state line Monday night at 7pm and it took another hour before I arrived home.  I was super glad that I had organized my car and items rather than just throwing everything in a bag, because it made unpacking more bearable.  IT was still a pain as I had 1 duffel bag (Clothing, not including shirts, which were on hangers), 1 yoga bag (dance items), 1 book-bag  (shower and primping items), 1 reusable bag (food), 1 bag (dirty cloths), and 2 pillows, comforter and 2 sheets.   I didn't think I had that much laundry until I started piling it in my hamper and it was overflowing, however laundry had to wait until Wednesday morning. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

my birthday is just around the corner

I was hoping Monday when I went back to my Chiropractor that he would give me a little more freedom in my workout, but that wasn't the case.  My leg pain has been about a 1 or 2 this week, and it's been hard to remember to ice and I have to keep reminding myself to not increase my workout intensity so my muscle can completely heal.  The pros of the visit is to keep my body aligned and in proper form to prevent future injuries so I can keep running and.It was great to head back and get readjusted again and a back massage, which I really needed.    I also had the benefit of having a shoulder massage to help alleviate some of the stress that's been holding up in my shoulders.  I have another appointment scheduled for Monday (11th) for another checkup and adjustment.

I've been trying to work on my board this week so I can really focus on the power of the word.  I need to really believe that I can achieve my goals and unless I say them out loud and really visualize myself being fit.

Monday night  I was reading an article and the author stated "No matter how much you workout, if you don't make smarter food choices, you will not see that layer of padding around your waist or thighs go away."  I really need to focus on eating smarter.  I just seem to always cave and I really need a way out so I can see the body definition I've been working so hard for every morning at the gym.

Here are a few smarter choices I'm going to work on:
1) Eat only one piece of bread instead of two at any given meal.
2) choose egg whites over whole eggs.
3) Stick to only my morning coffee before my workout unless I'm really hungry and I will have a banana and PB so my body can focus on burning stored fat and not my breakfast during my workout.

food menu for next week
Pre-Workout Snack: PB + Banana and my morning cup of Joe
Post-Workout Snack: Protein Shake
Breakfast: Chia & Fruit Bowl Smoothie
Snack:  Granola + Yogurt + Kiwi + Cinnamon
Lunch: Flaxseed Donuts w/ Lemon Water
Dinner: Turkey Burger w/ Red Onion + Tomato Slice + Broccoli Sprouts + Honey Mustard (tsp) on Ezekiel Sesame Seed Burger Bun and Cantaloupe (cup)

I've been doing a little research trying to find exercise cards, but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for and debating on making my own to share as printable.  I want an easy way to create routines each month and change things up without having to use the internet.  I have a few ideas and one template I'm using as inspiration

I can't believe that next weekend I'll be turning the big 3-0.  I've been really excited for this weekend , but the last few days my excitement has lowered mainly because I have a lot still to do before my trip to DC to celebrate and I'm just not ready yet.  I have nothing really major planned, but I am going dancing all weekend and hanging with some of my awesome dance friends.   It's going to be a great weekend, but I wish it were another month away so 1) my leg was closer to recovery and 2) I had a little more of a financial cushion.  It's not going to be an expensive weekend, but after forking out as much as I did for my car I know I'm pushing it for the weekend, but I just have to go, it's my 30th.  I never celebrated my 21st or 25th and I was never as excited for either of those birthday's as I am for this one.  I love the fact that I'm turning 30, it's a new leaf that's turning over in my life and I can't wait to see my new adventures.

Saturday my mom came into town and we headed up to my brothers new place to visit with him and his girlfriend.  The day didn't turn out anything like the plan, which caused a little strife on my end.    My mom drove almost two hours to see my brother and then I had to drive another half hour to see him.  The plan to my understanding was my brother and his girlfriend were going to meet us half way and have lunch with us.  With this plan I decided not to eat breakfast and only brought a protein shake for a quick post -workout snack so not to spoil my appetite.  We ended up driving to them and  only spent an hour with them since they already ate and his girlfriend was taking a nap before heading out to work, so it was another two hours  after my workout before we were able to finally eat and it was torture. 

Thursday was a victory day over two boxes of sweet and sugary donuts.  This meeting we have monthly brings donuts to share and this is the first time I have been able to resist them.  While everyone else was eating their donuts I was enjoying a bowl of pumpkin oat meal with raisins, strawberries and pecans.. This is a very proud moment for me.  I even said no to one of the guys who offered to split one with me.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

no running and ice it..................ahhhh!

March 28-April 2, 2011

I've been having some pain in my right leg since the week of the 14th and I'm not liking that it hasn't gone away as it's interfering with my running so I did the best thing I could and called my Chiropractor.  Luckily, he was able to see me the following day.  He wasn't happy with me and told me that's why we discussed preventive methods, however, my schedule got super busy (working 3 jobs) and I didn't reschedule followups.   Also, I was saving to buy my cat. converter for my car, which is being take care of this weekend!!!

Now that I've hurt myself I really have no choice, but to come in and willingly admit to my wrong in not coming in.  I came in and faced the consequences of being told no running or leg strength training for the next few weeks.  The muscle I over-strained is going to take about 4-6 weeks to heal since it's an everyday muscle and doesn't allow for much recovery time.  It's really hard not being able to run, but the better I do at following the rules the sooner I will be able to get back to running.  He also gave me other instructions and further restrictions like: no sauna, no treadmill with an incline, no stretching past my normal body movement since he knows I'm not going to stay away from the gym.  

I just don't like how I feel when I'm not working out, and I can't go that long without working out.  Working out keeps me focused and centered on my goals.  So far I'm being good and even logging in when I've iced my leg this week.  Luckily, I have a job where I can do that so once my ice pack froze around 9:30am Wednesday morning I started; 20 minutes on ice and 40 minutes off.  My boss, who is a nurse, informed me that I could take Ibuprofen to help with the swelling.  I followed this up until Friday.  I wasn't so good Saturday and Sunday icing or even taking ibuprofen. 

By Friday  my leg was feeling better and hopefully by Monday when I see my chiropractor again he will give me a little more freedom.  I just want to get back to running.  Running makes me feel like no other sport or activity has.  I feel like I can fly and more confident with every mile I add to my runs, creating in me a new hope that I can conquer my fears and build upon my dreams.  

Saturday and Sunday I stayed inside mostly.  Saturday my car spent most of the day in the shop getting ready for my inspection.  Luckily, I've been saving so I wasn't worried about the items that needed to be repaired.   It was pretty costly, just over a grand for the repairs, but I was anticipating at least that since I knew my catalytic converter was due to be replaced.  The issue with the other repairs was that they could go another 6 months if my inspection wasn't due this month.  So I went ahead and had him replace my left axle and brake pad so I could pass inspection.  I've been very blessed to find such a wonderful mechanic.  The shop was recommended by a friend my dad knows and I can see why,.  They have been very good to me during this time and haven't added any additional stress.  It's a total God thing, I know it , because He knew they would take care of me.  I will definitely go back without hesitation for any future repairs or maintenance.  

I was excited today to pick up the barstools my dad and I bought for my grandparents.  My dad and I headed out around noon and when we got back he wanted to assemble them tefore my grandparents came home from their errands.  It was almost a surprise until my grandpa decided to head out to the shed just before my dad was finished.  This is something I wanted to do for Christmas, but financially my dad and I weren't able to do it them, so it's a little late but well worth it.  It was a shock to my grandparents when I told them I wanted to do this for them and they keep telling me "you don't need to do this." but I really wanted to.  They spend a lot of time at the kitchen bar and the ones they have keep breaking.  I'm glad to see how well the new barstools work in the space.  They are smaller and are better suited with the decor.  I really loved seeing the expression of their faces when they saw them at the bar; priceless.  My grandparents loved them and were thrilled to no end to have them.  My grandpa even gave me a hug and said 'your my little angel.' 

Sometime around 3pm my dad dropped me off at the gym.  I decided to repeat my shoulders and biceps routine, since I'm not allowed to work my legs.  I just didn't want the day to pass and not get a workout in.  I don't like how I feel when I don't workout and I didn't feel like doing anything at home.  it worked out great, because while I was there I ran into one of the female trainers.  I chatted with her and another trainer about the hyperextensions and if I was performing them correctly.  I didn't know she had left the company and turns out my Sunday Crush also left.  I was glad to find out for sure, but I had a feeling they were no longer working there.  I"m also glad to hear that things are going well and she doesn't have to work as many hours.  
On my way out I saw Brian, who I hadn't seen in almost two months at least.  He ended up switching his work schedule and decided to come in later in the day.  It seems to be working better for him.  I'm glad, but bummed that I wont be seeing him in the morning as I always enjoy our chats.  I wanted to talk with him more, but my dad had been waiting a while in the parking log for me and we did need to go and pick up my car from the shop.

I had a lazy, but a slow-good productive day on Sunday and ended up organizing my recipes and workout files.  I had papers stacked in several piles with recipes, fitness articles, and some archives files that I've needed to take care of. and it felt good to put them away.  I still have a pile or two left, but most of it is done, which will make it easier to file future papers once I print out the labels.