goal setting
the lululemon way go

Body Weight
Desired: 135lbs

2011 Eating Clean
* Reduce Added Sugar
* Drink hot Lemon water daily (not a habit by any means - aug '11)
* Eat Clean non-processed foods
* Keep meals simple and easy to duplicate

2011 Year End
* Butterfly pose - Knees to touch the floor
* Complete 50 push ups without any modification
* Increased Arm Definition
* Depend less on the gym & more on home workouts (added aug '11)
* eat 5 meals instead of 6, as I find that's all I need (added aug '11)

2011 Blog
* One recipe card per week
* One exercise card per week (removed as a goal for 2011)
* spend 6 hours weekly on the blog and printables
* create 2 benefits of cards per month.  Make list of foods. (removed as a goal for 2011)
* One Saturday a month review 3 bed + breakfasts (completed)
* Choose one b-and-b by June 30th to visit the summer of 2012
  - Evermore guest House in Portland Oregan
  Though now that I'm looking into buying I may have to settle for a local b/b
- The City House in Harrisburg
* Read book on how to start a bed and breakfast

Non-Food Rewards
1) Tune Belt Sport Armband for Droid X  
    rewarded 05/23/11: 2 weeks of clean eating & staying focused
2) Garmin Forerunner 305
3) Brooks Women's Glycerin Skort Shadow/Aqua
4) Saucony Women's Graphic Tees Love 2 Run
5) Asics Huddle Duffle Small  
6) lululemon Grove and Crop: black/quilt summer 2  
7) Women's AMP PRO2 Reco Black/Light Blue