Thursday, October 20, 2011

starting up again

Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge_visit Week1
Thursday. I feel blessed to be able to move, play and create
It's been a long few weeks trying to get back into the grove of working out again, but I finally made a plan and decided to restart the Strong is Sexy Challenge since I had such great reuslts and they are awesome workouts.

I took my workout log I used for this challenge and skipped a few pages and began adding my workouts and daily affirmations up to Monday so I didn't use an excuse not to workout.  Yesterday was Day 1of this re-visited challenge and I was excited until I stepped into the gym and it was so crowded and the cardio room had a class and another one starting shortly after.  I  ended up doing my challenge in the warm up/cool down area and I felt so insecure, especially now that I have a bulge in my belly where I didn't have before.   With a few of the moves I ended up tucking in my shirt, which wasn't very flattering either.  It's going to be a long hard journey just to get back to where I was only a month ago, but had I have kept working out instead of eating my stress I wouldn't be in this state.  I am proud to say that I completed my workout yesterday despite how insecure I felt and I finished to failure. 

Despite trying to start slow with my workouts my body today tells me otherwise.  I guess it didn't like all my cardio I did yesterday.

It's funny how only 6 weeks ago I looked cute and awesome in my workout wear and now I wish I had more baggy workout shirts.  Though I'm thankful that I'm not allowing myself to get any worse and have started to get myself back into a balanced life.   I've also printed out a few recipes I want to try so when I'm in Huntingdon working I have healthy meals to eat instead of junk. 

My updates on this  challenge will be less frequent then my prior challenge as I just don't have the time to post everyday, so I'll be keeping it to once a week and maybe a few in between about my house hunting adventures.
* Booty Firm Up– interval challenge
   03-05-06-06-06 Explosive Star
   05-05-05-05-05 Plank to Pike Jump
   08-08-17 Pike Leg Switch (Pendulum)
   15-15-15 Seated Bicycle
   06-05-05 Monkey Business Push Ups
   10-10-08 Flying Scissor

I legs were so done by my last set of Flying Scissors that my legs callasped.

not bad, except the medium bag of frosted animal crackers.

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