Tuesday, March 27, 2012

natural health cleanse w1 - p1

Feeling pretty good today overall and loving the way I’m looking.  So far I’ve been on my cleanse for 6 days now and I’ve only slipped up for one meal.  I caved Sunday afternoon and had 12oz of orange soda and a half bag of pb  chocolate chips I had for cooking.  They were really yummy and what I needed for a quick junk rush.  I had been cleaning out the basement and I guess the fumes down there weren’t helping.  

A few of my no no’s on the list were as follows:

- lemon + chive dressing by Annies Natural’s
   (chives = onions, mustard flour); salad
- sunflower butter (cane sugar) for buckwheat pancakes
- buckwheat pancakes
   (van. Almond milk, maple syrup though only 1 tb for 6.5 cakes)
- coconut and mango chutney (sugar) used to marinate and dress 3 chicken breast
– Van Almond Milk (sugar), but I did buy at my next grocery stop.

Despite all this I’m still losing weight and seeing progress.

Since realizing that I can’t repeat these simple mistakes I’ve done the following to make sure I stay focused on 4-week cleanse.  I’ve swapped out the following –Van. Almond milk for plain – sunflower butter for almond butter with only almonds and salt – buckwheat pancakes for a df / gf version / lemon and chives dressing for a raspberry vinaigrette.

It’s not been easy as I have lactaid cottage cheese, onions, cherry tomatoes, and chobani sitting in my fridge waiting till I can eat them again.  I also had to put my blueberry muffins and bagels in the freezer   It’s a shame I just bought replenishment's of these items only two days before the doc told me I wasn’t allowed to eat them for the next 30 days.  It was tough this first week trying to figure out what to eat since my staples like oatmeal, pb coffee, and chobani are all items on the ‘not allow’ list for the next 3 weeks.  I am learning to appreciate the wonderful and even tasty flavor of buckwheat, well with almond butter on top and some fruit.  Though I’m still proud of myself for doing as well as I did, as I’m not usually this good to sticking to ‘no’ foods.

I’ll know the official weigh down tomorrow night when I have my first follow up of my 12-week program and I’ll be 3 weeks closer to finding out what foods have been not liking my system outside of dairy and hoping that eggs aren’t a part of that.  I love eggs and they are one of my favorite staples.  I could never go Vegan for that reason alone and I can’t do vegetarian since I’m lactose intolerant.  Man, guess I’m a unique type and maybe one day I’ll label myself and start a trend for every lactose egg lover!

This morning I finally went to taking my measurements and the last time I checked was in December 2011 and my weight and inches have decreased by 10lb and 8 inches.  I lost 4.5 just in my waist, which feels great since my stomach doesn’t feel like it’s bursting out of my pants.  That’s not a feeling I want to experience EVER AGAIN.

I've also been walking my dog and running with some of the guys to keep active.  I've been posting everything on runkeeper.

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