Friday, March 30, 2012

closet delight

yesterday I started working on my office / workout space again, as it was looking pretty messy.  I had (and sadly still have a lot) of papers scattered on the floor waiting to be filed.  it's been tough figuring out what to do with all the papers; bills, workouts, recipes as filing is not my strong point then pair that with being a perfectionist = not a good match.

I started with putting away my cloths and I used my new hangers from Target.  My office closet is a small coat closet, but the depth is not quite deep enough for the doors to close without hitting the hangers and frankly it's an annoyance so I picked up some lime green kids hangers which are working out fantastically!  I don't have a photo before and I wish I did so you can see what a difference it made swapping out for smaller ones.  I did have to fold my cloths differently on the hanger, but I love the look-so clean!


I then started by moving my papers to one side of the room so I could vacuum before moving in a bookshelf, that sadly was in there before and I moved it out.  We moved it to the bath on that level (#2) and it's way to big for the space so I swapped out the white plastic shelf I was using for the wooden bookshelf int eh bathroom.  They both look much better in their new homes.  Though not sure how long I will keep the bookshelf in my office and I really do want wall shelving, but for now it will keep me from wanting to build them now as I need to know what shelves / space I really do need before I can design a functional unit.

The only fault with the bookshelf is that their is a missing shelf and pegs for the bottom rack behind the doors, so I do need to make a stop at the hardware store and purchase one.

I'm trying to keep in mind as I sort through things what I need and what can go so my office will only have what it needs and nothing more.  Really trying to be minimal and purposeful in my design.

The room is still a mess, but I'm making baby steps toward an organized office and workout space, but for now at least I have designated areas 1) Desk work area to pay my bills and have room to hang some fun vintage art. 2) workout gear, dvds, weights. For now I've been working out in my bedroom, which has been working out well since I do it before getting dressed in the morning so I get it in.  It's only a short 3-minute workout, but it kicks my butt.

Fitness Morning Energizer

items still needing to be address:
* Formica Table: Wood filler + spray paint and install legs
* File: House Contract / Closing Papers 
* File: Workouts
* File: Recipes
* Sort: Workouts and purge any that I most likely wont do
* Sort: Magazines purge old ones
* Hangers: Still need 1 more set to hang the rest of my workout attire up
* DVD: need some way to sort them.  Really want an old LG floppy disk holder to put them in.
* Paint: Lemon Twist by Benjamin Moore
* Mirror: hang
* Bookshelf: Shelf and Pegs

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