Thursday, April 5, 2012

natural health cleanse w2

It was exciting to hear that my first week I lost 2lbs. That was totally worth all the coffee and animal crackers I didn't consume, well except I did enjoy a few animal crackers Thursday night. My measurements were taken this week and before pics so I can see my progress. They've also tested my vitamins to see how they mesh with the supplements I will be taking and only 2 (DHEA + CoQ10) of my 8 vitamins passed the test. This weeks meals okay list has changed a bit more then I was expecting and this time I was given a notebook to write in, though I decided not to write in it and continue noting in my journal. Part of my was a bit upset as I just spent $60 on Tuesday and 2 hours preparing food for this coming week to only have to head back to the grocery store and purchased $35 more in distilled water,and more vegetables as my buckwheat pancakes I spent two hours making (I made two batches) were not allowed this week so they went into Ziploc freezer bags to save for later.

buckwheat pancakes now living life in my freezer                          

20 day Rej. Plan Time Frame:
Week #1: 03/28 to 04/03 - Detox
Week #2: 04/04 to 04/10 - Rejv. Plan
Week #3: 04/11 to 04/17 - Rejv. Plan

So excited for the results to come as my birthday is on the 16th!
This week started The 20 Day Rejuvenation Plan.  I guess this would be considered phase 2 as it's the detox and rid your body of all the yucky stuff phase.  Day 1 + 2 of this phase was no meat, diary or grains to prep for the detox, which was actually not a bad tasting mixture that I consumed ONLY on days 3 to 5.  Yes I only consumed a liquid concoction for 3 days straight and wasn't hungry.  Crazy huh?  Though I did have some fiber supplements along with the others they gave gave me to aid in that factor.  The only hard thing was not having something to chew on.  Totally a mental thing, so I grabbed some gum.

The Basics:
* no meat, dairy or grains
* eat fruits and veggies.  veggies should equal twice the amount as fruit.
* veggies should be raw, but can be cooked for 2-3 minutes
* only distilled water (during detox at least)
   Smart water was the only one I could find and they were in 1-lt bottles; perfect
* drink detox mixture for 3 days - NO solids

The Scale:  
03/14/12: 156.2
03/28/12: 154.2 (-2lbs)

Physical Activity:  
Morning Energizer Workout

03/30 Walk 2.45 miles
04/02 Elliptical 38:38 minutes
04/03 Run 4.39 miles

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