Wednesday, April 11, 2012

natural health cleanse w3

20 day Rej. Plan Time Frame:
Week #1: 03/28 to 04/03 - Detox
Week #2: 04/04 to 04/10 - Rejv. Plan
Week #3: 04/11 to 04/17 - Rejv. Plan

Monday hit and I was so glad to finally eat solids again.  Not that I was hungry, it's just the mindset of being full means I've chewed on something, not consumed it in liquid and supplements, so gum was my best friend for the 3 days of the detox.  The Lemon concocktion is actually pretty tasty if you make it the day of.  I used my VitaMix to put it together, but it still required a little straining and I removed some of the froth from the pulp.  Not a fan of that.  Plus, I didn't get all the seeds out of the lemons when I was deseading them, and my Vitamin chopped them up pretty good, but their was still a bit left over that I didn't want to drink.  My best batch was Sunday; it was the most tastiest.  My worst was Monday, because I made it Sunday morning since I knew I wasn't going to have enough time Monday morning to make it.  It just was a little bitter, but it was still drinkable. 

Once the detox stage ended I was back to eating veggies and fruits still with no grains, meat, seeds or dairy.  My doc says I'm doing pretty good and may not need the blood test that most people get done, which is an additonal $250 out of pocket expense since most insurance companies don't cover it so I'm hoping I wont need it.  I had blood work taken last October, so hopefully if things continue to go well I will avoid an added expense. 

I'm still doing my morning Energizer Workout (link below) and it's still takes my breath away, but I'm getting there.  My biggest accomplishment this week was my 4.3 mile run.  I created an interval of 4 min job / 2 min walk to my runkeeper and kept going and the next thing I knew I was home and ran 4.3 miles. 

Another awesome thing from thsi check up is that I LOST MORE WEIGHT.  Though I know it's because I was only on liquids for 3 days that I lost 4.6lbs this week, but hoping next week I will continue to be on my weight loss streak.  I'm feeling pretty good and currently weighting 149.6! that I thought I would post an updated ABs photo, escially since my last one had an eye sore of a muffin top. 

The Basics:
* no meat, dairy or grains
* eat fruits and veggies. 
   veggies should equal twice the amount as fruit.
* veggies should be raw, but can be cooked for 2-3 minutes
* only distilled water (during detox at least)
   Smart water was the only one I could find and they
    were in 1-lt bottles; perfect
* drink detox mixture for 3 days - NO solids

The Scale:  
03/14/12: 156.2
03/28/12: 154.2 (-2lbs)
04/04/12: 149.6 (-6.6lbs)

Physical Activity:  
Morning Energizer Workout

04/03 Run 4.39 miles
04/04 Walk .34 miles (morning doggy walk)
04/04 walk 1.33 miles (lunch break walk)

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