Monday, April 18, 2011

happy birthday to me!!!

I'm at week 3 of my visits back to the Chiropractor and I'm feeling great, which shows through my big happy smile.  You really notice a difference when your body gets put back in alignment.  I was glad to mark 0 for my current pain, and learn some information about how my body was aligned late last year when I had my x-rays done-still more work needs to be done to straighten me out properly, but I'm game.  Still no running and light workouts for the next few weeks so were going to review my new routine that I started Monday on the 25th and see how it's working.  I made sure to keep my lower body free from weights and added a jump rope routine and a swimming day to balance out my routine.  I've been slacking on keeping my leg iced as often as I did the first week, but any bit is beneficial.  I've been taking Ibuprofen before my workouts and using biofreeze and then about an hour after I get to work I usually remember to ice my leg.

I've been successful for two weeks now at eating 95% clean and sticking to my meal plan.  I had to make a few adjustments on Monday, but it helped me to add more veggies and made sure to keep my meals simple.  I'm very proud of myself, especially since it's showing in so many areas.  I also started logging my meals again on Monday so I can review how often I've been eating and how much sugar I'm consuming.  I really do want to cut back on added sugar if not totally eliminate it.

I've been enjoying how eating clean makes me feel and that I've been more focused.   I also bought a new meal planning notebook from Staples on Saturday so I can keep all my meal plans and grocery lists together.  I really dislike using loose leaf paper-it's too easy to get lost.  There's better feeling than having a plan when you walk into a grocery store and far less likely to get distracted by non-nutrient rich foods.

I'm so excited to be turning 30 (I can't promise that I'll be this excited next year when I hit 31, but I'm enjoying it so far).  I spent the weekend between the DC area and Fairfax VA with some old friends.  It was great catching up; I even ran into 3 friends who recently moved to the DC area who I used to know from the west coast. 

I surprisingly wasn't sleep deprived and even snuck in a little shopping between dances at DCLX.  I didn't even think about REI being n the area until Saturday evening when one of my favorite dancers from VA mentioned he'd gone that morning for their attack sale.  i lite up inside and Sunday afternoon I skipped the afternoon dance at DuPont Circle and made a visit to REI.  I found a lot of really cute running wear, but nothing  had the right fit.  The GymGirl Ultra Skirt by SkirtSport really appealed to me, but they didn't have my size.  I'm thinking about ordering it, because I think it's going to look cute, but that could just be wishful thinking to. Though this will have to wait another month or two until I catch up on some of my major financial responsibilities.  Adult responsibilities first, then I can reward myself with cute things once I accomplish a new goal/task.

Since DSW was very close to REI I made a very quick stop to check out their Keds. I was  hoping to find the white Keds I bought at Kohl's a few months back, however, I didn't think they would stay white for long with all the snow we were getting so I returned them.  I sadly didn't find them, but  I did find a few of their grasshopper collection (they were only 29.99 at DSW) and tired them on.  They were so cushy and comfortable and after trying a few turns on the carpet decided to get them.  If they could turn this well on carpet then they would be no problem on the wood floor for now until I have an opportunity to find a cobbler to suede them.  I really liked the blue color and style, especially compared to the old version of Grasshoppers I used to own when I first starting dancing.  They were beige and reminded me of nurse shoes..  .

Yikes, can't believe I actually finished mine and two years worth.  Yeah, I know.  Last year was really complicated and there was a lot I needed to get done and just didn't have the finances to get everything done.  Then it just got to the point where I figured it was close enough to 2010's tax time that I would just do them at the same time.  I ended up doing them online and wasn't able to e-file them, but got them mailed out on April 19. I know a day late, but at least they're done!!!  I know I'll be hit with a fine for not turning in last years, but it's my fault for not turning them in and I'll have to deal with the consequences.  Hopefully it wont be a big fine and I'll still get some of my refund back-at least enough to buy my plane ticket to Cali this summer to visit my bf.  

I finally crossed the PA state line Monday night at 7pm and it took another hour before I arrived home.  I was super glad that I had organized my car and items rather than just throwing everything in a bag, because it made unpacking more bearable.  IT was still a pain as I had 1 duffel bag (Clothing, not including shirts, which were on hangers), 1 yoga bag (dance items), 1 book-bag  (shower and primping items), 1 reusable bag (food), 1 bag (dirty cloths), and 2 pillows, comforter and 2 sheets.   I didn't think I had that much laundry until I started piling it in my hamper and it was overflowing, however laundry had to wait until Wednesday morning. 

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