Monday, April 25, 2011

stop overcomplicating and k.i.s.s.


I was still excited about my weekend in DC so I thought what better way to extend my dancing, but to attend the green door Tuesday night. Plus, I still haven’t had my birthday dance. After my meet up group I headed over, which enabled me to try out my new shoes to. This helped me to better determine, that yes, I do need to have them sueded.

I wasn't very prepared after coming back from DC to make sure I had proper meals planned, which left me eating foods that didn't fuel my body and left me feeling sluggish until I was able to gather a plan Wednesday night.   Luckily, we all have days weeks that are plans get thrown off course, but it's all about the changes Iwe make to bring ourselves back and out of the land of lethargic.  Once my plan was in place I did very well at sticking to my meal plan this week.

Thursday I met with the head trainer to review my goals and routine and see what changes should be made to match my fitness goals.  I made it to my appointment on time and ready to start at 6pm.  When we talked about my routine I was fumbling over my words and my paper since I hadn't worked out all the kinks to my log after making several edits to it so I could better allow for more recovery time.

I was looking forward to the meeting, but unsure as to what the trainer would  tell me and what changes would need to be made.  After sitting through the assessment and not actually reviewing much of anything due to him spewing his master’s degree in my face and insulting everything I had done regarding my fitness, including going to the Chiropractor, reading fitness magazine, over-training, and also insulting a previous trainer who no longer works there (very unprofessional).  Needless to say I was not excited about working with him after leaving my assessment.  He not once looked me in the eye, but always past me telling me that he really didn't want to be there and wouldn't even let me finish my thoughts.  There are really great trainers at my gym who are pleasant, informative and tough on the workout floor, however, because this pompous ass has a master’s degree he out trumps them for the initial assessment. 

It was really hard to listen to him while he was acting like a pompous ass, but I know that what he was saying did have merit, however, the presentation needs a little work and some professionalism so it can be better absorbed.  After weeding through his arrogant demeanor I was able to pull out some things that I knew he was right on like the fact I've been over-training and I need to cut back so I made a few adjustment and I'll be trying them out next week.  These changes along with him referring to my log as being "over-complicated" led me to creating a new, very simple fitness log, which I'm very much excited about.  I'm still working oiut the kinks, but once I'm done I'll upload it.. 

Surprisingly, I had a very enjoyable Easter.  I spent most of the day with my dad and step mom's family.  We had a yummy dinner (which I ate way to much of) and I made sure to help out where I could.  Afterward a few of us sat in the living room and watched Transformers: Revenge of the Machines.  We had ample time to chat and catch up during dinner and everyone was well behaved, which is a rarity with family events.  My most favorite part of the day was spending time with my dad, quality time which I don't usually get to have with him. 

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