Friday, April 22, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week one

I've decided to participate in the food budget challenge found at custom made life, a blog that I happened to come across last week.  I've been really bad at not using some of the dry goods I already have and end up making new recipes that call for other ingredients.  What I hope to accomplish from this challenge is to save a little money each week by using some of the ingredients I already have, including making my own whole wheat bread so I'm not spending $5 for a loaf every week. 

Goal: $50.00
Actual: $92.43   (Giant: $41.92 + hg: $10.15 + Wegmans: $40.36)

I really wasn't expecting my bill to be so much, bu things add up when you venture to other stores.

Snack #1: (1/2) Soy Protein Shake, Banana
Post Workout: Soy Protein Shake
Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (sm), (1 cup) silk milk, (1/2 c) grapes, (tb) PB.
Lunch: Red Delicious Apple, Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower, (1/4 c) hummus
Snack #2: (1/2 c) Cottage Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, (1/2 c) Pineapple Chunks
Dinner: Grilled Eggplant & Portobello Burger & (1 c) Cantaloupe

Staples Purchased:
- Canned Pineapple ($10 for 10)

Lessons Learned:
- Nutritious bread and Cherry Tomatoes are expensive
- 3 trips are to many and lead to extra spending
- I have a hard time not buying a sunflower nut cookie and a berry bran muffin from healthy grocer = $5

Project: Food Budget

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  1. welcome to the challenge! pretty eye opening, isn't it. your first week sounded a lot like mine.

  2. Yes it was. I used to be really good at keeping to $50/week for groceries and then I had more money to play with so I didn't care what I spent, but now I've really got to get this under control.

    Hopefully next week will be better. I'm going to start using the Sunday circulars to see which local grocers have the best value for the items I need for my following weeks menu.

  3. Welcome. :) I know what you mean about making multiple trips. Sometimes if I haven't been to a certain store in a while and I go, I remember all the things I love from there and end up buying all my favorites in case I'm not back again soon. Always kicks me over budget!

  4. send me your email address. i send out a weekly email to participants with the current blog list and a reminder about posting.

    hope you are still having fun with it!