Monday, May 2, 2011

On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level was a 0.  This was two weeks in a row now so I only have to wait one more week before I can hit the ground running.  I enjoy his mix of humor and seriousness, which adds a fun dynamic when we discuss my current workout limitations.  Though I do have his approval to begin running in the next week when I start my new routine, but I have to start slow.  However, being that I don't know what that word means I had to ask as for me that means only doing 3 or 4 miles versus 6.  He gave me a smirk and added his dynamics.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself for being as good as I have have been with listening.

The joyous feeling of knowing that I can begin running soon can be described as the same feeling of seeing butterflies on a sunny day.


The last few weeks have been pretty wet outside and hasn't left a desire to begin walking outside, but we've been trying to push ourselves despite the odd.  However, today our plans were thorted again and we rescheduled our walk at Adam Ricci Park for May 2.  

My workout plans weren't all washed up, since I was able to swap my outdoor walk for the treadmill, which is good since I gorged so much at our Administration Appreciation Lunch at Sammie's downtown Harrisburg.   I can't believe I ate so much food and even finished with a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It was really good, but I really shouldn't have eaten it. 

I kept at an easy pace on the treadmill and changed it up with some intervals at 2.8 and 4.8 for an hour.  It all worked out well, since I ran into some friends at the gym who were finishing up their workout as well.  We ended up hitting juice n' java afterward to chat till they closed.   

The last few nights have been proving that summer is arriving, or at least that rainy nights leave my room feeling muggy and stale. It is however, it was still more bearable then being on the 3rd floor in my my apartment in Historic Carlisle on a warm summer night.  That's like living in a brick oven.

For the last 18 months my friend Daryl was driving to Philadelphia once a week to be on jury duty for several trails and he's officially done so a group of us headed to Arooga's Sports Bar and Grille for wings and then dollar bowling at the Coliseum.   I wasn't to thrilled with Arooga's, but I ordered the Turkey Burger--not their specialty or even close.  Next time I'll order wings.  We all trailed to the Coliseum afterward.  I had to try on several shoes to finally find a decent pair, which is a good enough reason to just buy a pair.  I really hate bowling shoes.  They are hard and thin and just plain ugly.  I had a great time and hung with some friends who were giving me and another person a hard time.  I love my friends, but sometimes you just need to let things blossom by themselves even if you feel that the two people involved are totally oblivious.  Though it did cause some some unknowns and cautiousness for a while once the culprits left we were back to our silly ways.

Heard this song this week and wow....

I had many good intentions for getting more accomplished this weekend, but left a lot to be done.  I finally arose from my slumber around noon on Saturday and headed straight for  some coffee.  Once I felt like I was able to function I started a load of laundry, then two and finished with a third all while cleaning my room, finding a recipe for whole wheat bread and working in a quick 20 minute cardio.  Then headed to evening service and sushi at Fuji Do. The sushi night had been in the works for about a month, but nothing was official until earlier in the week.  The service was pretty bad and I wasn't happy that the server  left the empty chopstick papers and dirty plates, but took my sliver of paper that contained a list of my sushi order and ingredients.  The menu had a varied selection, but overall my favorite was the Shrimp Tempura and wished I would have ordered it instead of one of the basics I did order.

I was up around 9:30am on Sunday, but it still didn't help in accomplishing anything more than yesterday.  After my morning coffee I spent about 4 hours reviewing the Sunday Circular and planning my  meals around the current contents of my pantry, sales items from the circular while staying under 1400 calories with a balance of protein, carbs and fat.  I was pretty close to my numbers so I put together my grocery list and headed to my dad's for an oil change.  When I arrived they were about to eat dinner, so my dad had me grab a plate for some basic garlic bread and spaghetti.   My dad was pretty frustrated with my Mazda and kept yelling at the engine.  Apparently the design of my engine wasn't thought out, especially since the filter, which is changed every 3000 miles wasn't in a more convient location.  This led to my filter staying and only adding new oil to my bone dry engine, which just had 2 quarts added on the 15th. I did manage to fit in some time at the gym before making my grocery run and finally making it home sometime around 11pm.

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