Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a plan not my own

I feel disheartened, but I know that things are lining up with God.  Today I found out that an apartment that made me feel alive, like I knew there was no other place for me was rented out before I was able to turn in my application.  

(the apartment via googlemaps w the cars blacked out)

I had the opportunity to view the apartment on Friday with my mom, and I was even more excited when I saw the interior and how beautiful and perfect it was.  I was even  more delighted when she gave me an application, but there were so many papers to fill out and requirements that I felt like I was buying a house.  I understand and respect her desire to fill the occupancy with a tenant who fits in with her current tenants., but I felt like the expectation level on me would have been unattainable and I would constantly be on my guard not to mess up and I knew that was no way to live.   

After taking a few days to think about the commitment and gathering all the paperwork I felt at peace knowing that this was not a direction I was going to be taking.  I love how God slowly changes your heart  to accept plans that are not your own even when only a few days have past.  He's amazing that way.  He has  directed me in a slightly different direction that I'm loving and  truly feel at peace with and I can't wait to see what else  He opens my heart to in this adventure called my life. 

(the cute little cottage in camp hill)

Last week I saw a yellow cottage in Camp Hill that I thought was adorable and since hen I've seen 2 other places that I would consider buying and are even less than the cottage and include hardwood floors..  I'm not sure with my income bracket and my credit history (even thought it's improved) that  buying a house would  be a viable option, but at least I'm taking a chance to find out.  I've never been so at peace then I do now about buying a place.

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