Thursday, July 7, 2011

the slug bug

The last few day's my energy level has reached a low point and I really don't like it.  I have added so many things onto my plate and then I have a few things coming up with family that I need to reschedule other events.  It's just going to be a crazy month of figuring things out and really seeing what I want to do.  I'll be doing a lot of processing, and none of it is going to be easy.  I know I already feel like my head is ready to explode.  I'll be happy once these things are done and I've had some time to make the right decision.

Working on this now was to allow enough time to make an informed and educated decision and not be forced to make a pressured decision I will regret.  Though I think because I'm already feeling a little pressure I'm going to need to step back, because I'm in no hurry and I shouldn't feel like I have to be.

My family is having a yard sale next weekend, which I'm so not ready for and then my dad is having gull stone surgary on the 14th and he and his wife and her kids will be moving to their new place, which I offered to help out since my dad wont be able to help out.

I was excited yesterday when I was out and about and found a really cute 3-drawer shabby chic dresser with art nouveau style mirror and all for FREE.  The base and structure are in good condition, but the paint needs to be refinished.  I'm really not a crafty person, nor have I ever stripped paint, but I'm looking forward to turning this into a really cute dressing table.  I'll use the bottom two drawers for my unmentionables and then the top drawer will contain my makeup, flat iron and other primping items that I don't really have room for in the bathroom.

the week +next weeks plan
* downsize
* go through shed and purge
* purge files
* clear out items in my bedroom that I'm not using
* create a sale sign for my dresser and IKEA couch
* post dresser and IKEA couch on craigslist.
* buy paint remover
* take photo of new/used dresser
* buy pretty yellow paint + a paint brush
* plan a better meal plan

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