Saturday, July 30, 2011

weekend adventure

It seems like it was only a few hours ago that I rolled out of bed, but it’s almost 8:30 in the evening,  How did a day that started out so slow end so fast?

My alarm went off at 7:30 this morning, but I refused to get up and hit the alarm several times before finally rolling out of bed shortly after 8.  Once I had my morning coffee I was awake enough to begin my laundry.  It made things easier since all my laundry fit into one load.  After breakfast, English muffin with plain Greek yogurt, honey and sliced strawberries, I hung a few things on the cloths line and put the rest in the dryer. 

The plan was to be at my friend Andrew's by 9:15, which gave me enough time to stop by city island to make sure no one was waiting there to carpool for the hike, but it ended up being the time I left the house causing a bit of delay to the schedule.  I arrived at 10:35 and was greeted by one of his roommates who said neither Andrew nor Dave were there.  I called Andrew to find out where he was at, especially since I talked to them just two days ago and said I would be here at 10:30 to pick him and Dave up.  He vaguely remembered me saying that a few minutes later and apologized for not calling to tell me they had decided to go kayaking.  He did say they were thinking about going hiking tomorrow and if I as up for it I could join them.  It hurt knowing that he forgot and also because it meant he wasn't looking forward to hanging out with me as I was with him.   He's one of my only healthy lifestyle guys who actually enjoys doing things outside with me and it's been a month if not longer since our schedules have worked out for some hang time.

I decided even though I was going to be late to make a pit stop at city island.  I didn't want anyone there waiting and I was relieved to see non one so I followed the sign to hw22, but it felt like I was being led int the wrong direction, which then only frustrated me.  I finally arrived to the hiking location apologizing because I was 30 minutes late.   At least the girls were there and we ended up having a really great time.  Jen is a new member of my Fit Foodies Group and and Janean has been a regular since we started in May.  It’s nice to finally have some of the new members come to the events and seeing how the group is starting to bloom.  Jen was really cool and I’m glad I had an opportunity to get to know her today.  It was a very fun and challenging hike and we ended  up missing a few blue marker and found our way onto the white, and pink trails.  The bugs were out in high numbers today and it felt like they all had their eyes on us.   I even had a big spider land on my hand; yes I jumped and screamed like a girl trying to fling it off.  I'm sure it was a funny scene. 

We had several conversations of topic we discussed during our hiking adventure from Yoga, work and the group.  Jen talked about some ideas for group events and it made me smile to hear the same ideas that drew me to start the group.

After the hike I headed home and began packing for my house sitting adventure.  A friend is heading out of town for a few days and I’m watching her dog for her.  If you don’t count her eating my bagel out of my grocery bag the dog has been very well behaved.  I’ve already started settling in and even cooked tonight surprise-surprise, especially since I just haven’t been in the cooking mood.   I made 3 batches of Oatterific Banana Scramble,which I’ll have for breakfast on an English muffin with plain Greek yogurt and strawberries.  Yes, I actually put together a meal plan for the week and I’m pretty excited about it.  Hopefully, some time tomorrow I’ll make the Tenley Salad.

It’s now closer to 10 and I made sure to take the dog out one more time and came back to finish the post and now my eyes are telling me it’s time for bed.

What type of adventure did you guys have this weekend?  Did you try any fun or delicious recipes?

upcoming fit foodies events:
1) Panera Bread gathering.  I’ll be offering 3 dates, most likely the week of August 8th.  A Monday, Wednesday and Sunday to see what date is better for everyone so we can get together and discuss ideas and give suggestions for events and to see what people feel about the option below.

2) We are hoping to have an ongoing meet-up either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the availability and want for those who are interested.  The purpose as Jen put it would be like a Weight Watchers meeting without the public weighing.  A place where we can encourage each other on staying fit and healthy.  Hopefully, others will like the idea and we can host it at a different person's house each meet-up.  We would also bring ingredients for a meal that we will prepare and share that night.  I suggested using Tenley Salad which also has a side of Asparagus.  There are enough equally priced items in the recipe that everyone could bring them and not be overwhelmed with the cost of the meal and its home cooked and qualifies as a love me recipe.

planned weekly eats
breakfast: Oatterific Banana Scramble w english muffin

snacks: chobani plain yogurt w granola + blueberries
lunch:  Tenley Salad w asparagus
snack: pita chips and mango salsa
dinner: can't remember, will add later

strong and sexy challenge
I also came across a 4-week workout challenge called Strong and Sexy by Casey Lorraine.  I'm going to look more into to it and maybe join for a week or two just for something new.  She has a mantra for you to say everyday of each week during the challenge and assigns a bodyrock workout or a rest day (or other workout) for you to complete for the day. 

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