Sunday, July 10, 2011

yoga brain

This weekend has been so crazy and I spent most of yesterday running around, then once I finished made it to church and Texas Road House afterward with some friends.  Today I slept in, which was so nice, and once I was ready I headed to the shed to clean out.  I really needed to go through everything and make a new list of items I have in the shed so today was the day I took the bull by the horns and cleaned house.  I was surprised at how much I actaully was able to take out and get cleaned up for our yardsale.  I even managed to pick a few things from my room to add to the pile.

It took longer than it should, but it was super hot outside and once I came inside to clean up my things and price everything I turned on the TV, which slowed me down a bit and I stopped while drop dead diva came on at 9pm.  My room is still in a small chaotic mess, but hopefully it will look better shortly.

After my show ended I worked on my meal plan for the week.  I wont be able to do much for tomorrow, but I'll have to head for groceries tomorrow.  I'm trying to keep from having to cook to much, just because it's been so hot and I really haven't felt like cooking. 

planned weekly eats
breakfast: banana + honey smoothie 
snacks: peanut butter & banana
lunch:  Turkey, Pear Sandwich w cherry tomatoes
post workout: tone it up protein pancakes
snack: protein bar + carrots
dinner: tbd

yoga brain
I've been wanting to do Yoga lately, but just haven't had the funds to enjoy the studio I prefer and after reading a post from Heather Eats Almond Butter I was reminded to do a google search for other options in my area; as well as some other short workouts to add to my running workout.  One of the studios offers a free class Sunday's at 11am {tips}, so I hope to be able to attend that class soon.

20 minute level 1-2 Yoga Class Podcast
Drop and Give me 10
Just Plain yoga
be fit yoga

week 4 basic schedule
Evening Walk
2.25 mile Run
30-60 minute walk/run or rest
1.5mile run
2.25 mile Run
45-60 min walk


  1. I love that you wrote out your goals... food and exercise. That just helps keep you ever more motivated and accountable! I wish I had the courage to do that... sadly I change my mind with food too often. ;)

  2. Lori: Thanks for commenting and stopping by.

    It really does help a lot to write things down. I still find myself making changes throughout the week, especially if my mood changes or my schedule, but it helps me to make better choices when I do need to modify.

    Plus, when I eat what's planned I feel better and it keeps me from snacking on non-beneficial foods. Also, since I'm not at the gym for the summer I need a plan otherwise I wont workout. It's to easy to just be lazy.