Saturday, September 17, 2011

beautifully serene

Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge_visit Week6
Friday. I jump out of bed with energy and purpose!
Shockingly I sleep very well last night and was so glad to wake up feeling rested.  I still passed on getting up to workout this morning, I think now because it was what I'd done all week and it was comfortable and easy.  However, I did sneak in a Tone it Up! workout before lunch time.  Though I only went through it once. 

* Detention Workout– 2-3 Repeat Circuit by Tone it Up (only once through today)
   10 R-Lunges
   10 L-Lunges
   60 secs Plank
   20 Squat Jacks
   10 R-Side Crunches w/out medicine ball
   10 L-Side Crunches w/out medicine ball
   20 Tummy Tucks

I don't have an exercise ball so I can't write "I will tone it up!" with a medicine ball, so I'll just be in plank position for 60 seconds instead.

After work I plan on stopping by two places.  One I'm super excited just from the interior pictures, but not sure if I want to be that far north.  I think the drive by will be very helping in determining if this house is worth the drive.  

* $89,900
* 3bed, 1.5 bath
*  Super close to work
* $0000 Taxes
* detached garage
* nice size fenced in yard
- Galleyway Kitchen
- Looks like a forest outfront
- no central air
- small bathroom
- no central air

Listed on 08/27/11

* $89, 900
* 3bed, but only 1 bath
* HW floors
* $0000 Taxes
* Nice size fenced in yard
* Great open kitchen

- A further drive
- no central air

Listed on 02/07/11

were very good today.

* 1/2 blueberry bagel w pb + chia seeds + strawberries
* cottage cheese
* coffee

* black seedless grapes
* almonds
* raisins

Lunch:  Salad Wrap + cherries
* pre-made salad in deli w tuna salad
* cucumber
* cherry tomatoes
* Giant Organic Italain Dressing
* Spinach Wrap

* chocolate protein shake
* yellow apple

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