Monday, September 12, 2011

an exhaustion of color

Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge go
Week 5 Friday - Sunday

Friday.  It felt like a Saturday with the freedom to wake when I pleased.   Zzzzz, ah it’s morning, well it must be because I’m awake, but there is no sun to bid me morning.  I was a little confused until I saw the bright lights of my alarm, which read 5:30am.  Ugh really!  Yeah, totally not waking up now.   When I arose from sleep again, I smiled at the sight of the sun saying hello and slowly made my way to the kitchen for a much needed lively cup of joe to help get me moving.   For being so quite inside my morning started out with a little chaos with the dog barking outside, a moving company and my dad were positioning the back shed onto the truck and I later found my grandmother spying on them from the back bedroom.  The back shed had been there a long time and once it was strolling down the road on the back of a trailer you could see the mess it left behind.

My old blow dryer of 6 years died on me last weekend so I went on to find me a new one.  I came across BaByliss, which had 203 reviews and 4.5 stars on Tuesday and placed my order.  They also had a special for 20% off any item with 4.5 stars or more, so I saved $8, making my $6 shipping free.  I chose the standard shipping even though I really didn't want to wait 3-5 business days, but it ended up arriving today.  I'm so excited to try it out.   

For most of the morning I talked with my grandparents and sat lazily on my grandpas recliner.  It’s so comfy and perfect for checking email on my laptop. The TV stayed on the local new channel keeping us up to date on the flooding.  We were very lucky, but there was still a lot of damage, mostly near the market street bridge and it will require a lot of people working together to help restore the city.  I was glad to hear that the river crested at 25’ Friday, as it was at 28’ Friday and as 32’ our business would have been flooded.

After I was done with my emails I began my 5 min warm up by running in place then began my bodyrock workout ab challenge.  It was plain torture.  The challenge was 10 minutes to see the number of rounds you can complete of 20 reps of mountain climbers + toe touches.  It really takes a lot to keep going and my ab muscles were no match for this challenge.  After the first round of toe touches I had to modify to bent knee crunches and even by the last round my abs were struggling to complete this challenge.  It isn’t very often, at least lately, that I have enough time for a run after my bodyrock workout so I grabbed my running gear and headed out.  I walked to the end of the drive then made my way through the development and to my old high school where I ran around the perimeter of each of the parking lots.   I forgot that school was back in session and was a little thrown off by the number of cars in the parking lot, but really didn’t run into anyone.  I was sweating bullets by the end and ended with some stretches on the porch and my push up challenge.

* 20 minute run – post bodyrock workout to CV HS and around the parking lot perimeters

I wasn’t sure how the rest of the day was going to go about with all the road closings caused by the flood, but after taking some time to check out the updates I decided that taking 22/322 would be my route of choice, especially since we had a slight snag in our car plans and I will have to wait to drop off my car at my uncles, a mechanic as well, till next weekend.  Before leaving I put together a gourmet salad and had some sparkling cider and made a stop at Walmart.

I'm still not used to sleeping and so I continue to wake up several times during the nigh which makes it harder to get up in the morning, because if feel so unrested.  I hope i will be used to it soon.  

I decided to keep my pre-workout snack simple with just 2 medjool dates + ½ Gatorade.  My workout was pretty intense and I was so glad when I was done.  I stretched it out since I didn't want to do it without a 10 second break, so instead of 6 rounds I completed 12.  It helps to have that little break to catch your breath and note your reps.  Though you can tell as my score slowly decreases as I get closer to completing; it was very much a challenge to complete.  Next time I'll complete it in 6 rounds just so it doesn't seem like it's taking so long. 

* Bootie Firm Up by Body Rock
   11-06-07-10-11-11Explosive Star
   07-08-07-05-05-05 Plank to Pike Jump (step modification)
   07-03-16-20-18-16 Pendulum (step modification)
   16-15-13-10-06-12 Seated Bicycle
   04-04-04-04-04-03 Monkey Business Push Ups
   10-10-10-08-08-10 Flying Scissors

* Push Up Challenge: 05-04-06-05

* 5 minute warm up – pre-bodyrock workout

I got to writing up an eating schedule while I'm up here, and followed it mostly today.  Though I need to have a food plan so I'm not snacking all day. 
  • 830am pre-workout
  • 900 begin workout
  • 930 shower
  • 10 am coffee + breakfast
  • 1pm lunch/snack
  • 4pm snack
  • 7pm dinner

I was only 15 minutes off from my schedule this morning, but by 1002 I was done with my shower and shortly after I finished drying my hair the phone rang and we headed for coffee + breakfast.

After we arrived back at the house I began phase II of cleaning out the kitchen.  I took several cabinets and drawers and wiped everything down, including washing everything that was in the cabinet before finding an appropriate location.  This is been a great help in knowing what were working with in the kitchen and making sure not to buy anything else that we have duplicates of already. (here's what I cleaned today: top shelf in pantry, left wall cab of sink, left corner base cabinet, base + wall cabinet below/above coffee maker, wall cabinet above stove, top drawer on island, rewashed every item in cabinet before putting back in cabinet).  I was planning on vacuuming later on, but it was close to 9pm before I even cleaned up my mess and got ready for dinner. 

In the afternoon I had gone outside to chat with my mom something brushed up against my left little toe and it made me jump.  When I looked down there was this really cool looking worm working it's way across the driveway.  I had never seen anything like this and wasn't sure if it may have been poisonous so my suggested putting it in a Tupperware container and checking with one of the family members. so I grabbed a cool whip container and punched some holes in the lid and went back outside to find it.  Found it hiding underneath my car.  Luckily, in the middle so I was able to back and and contain him until we met up with the family later.  I also added some leaves and rooted grass inside. 

We headed up to the job site a little later and I had the daughter-in-law look at it, who was pretty excited about it, which made me glad.  It was the talk for most of the weekend.  She didn't know what it was and neither did anyone else, but were going to find out once were able to access the internet. 

Around 8pm one of the guys dropped off the leaf blower and showed me how to use it.  For dinner we finally headed over after 9pm and enjoyed some delicious grilled chicken (2 drum sticks), home made mac and cheese (I went back for a second serving it was so good), peas, grape soda (really should have skipped that) and for dessert had 2 servings of peach cobbler.

The next thing I really need to get a handle on is having better eating habits on the weekend. It’s like I just go crazy with my food on the weekend, which defeats all my workouts and good eating during the week.

This morning was a wash when it came to working out, as I was just to tired and stayed in bed for as long as I could.  t 9pm I finally got up and washed my face.  Then went downstairs to journal.  We headed over for coffee and chatted for a bit before taking coffee and sweets to the guys at the job site.  We stayed with the family for several hours helping out in the kitchen and prepping for lunch.  We had hot dogs and leftovers. 

After we arrived back at the house I got out the leaf blower and began my driveway adventure.  This took a lot out of me and figured this worked as my exercise for the day.  It took a little bit to get it started, but once it was on I was feeling pretty good and felt pretty proud for what I accomplished being the girlly-girly I am.  The drive way was pretty long, it’s no typical driveway and I even scared the dog with all the noise.  Luckily, I didn't know until I was finishing up in the carport.  


Afterward, I took the leaf blower back to the guys and took the dog along with me for a car ride. 

After my shower I was pretty much done and sat on the couch for the next hour until I was able to leave.  I finally arrived home closer to 10pm and was ready to crash.  I worked really hard this weekend and was glad for a new week to begin.  

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