Monday, September 5, 2011

a weekend passed by

Week 4 Friday-Monday
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I can't believe this weekend has come and gone the weekends over.  Those holiday weekends are sneaky that way.  Though I'm sure it's more, because I spent my whole weekend + Monday up in Huntingdon working and meeting a few members of the family.

FRIDAY.  No workout this morning.  Slept in and enjoyed every extra minute of Zzzzz  I  was excited to leave work at 4:30pm, especially since it meant I would arrive up north a little sooner.  However, I was told not to leave so early,  and decided to run a few errands and have dinner at Panera before leaving.   I absolutely love their Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (no feta) and I wanted soup over salad today so I went with the cashiers favorite.   We were a little late arriving despite what I thought would be right on time. 

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SATURDAY.  Seemed a little chaotic, but I managed to sneak in my bodyrock workout Burpees are Forever (my Monday workout I skipped) , I also started a push up challenge.  I completed 4 rounds, but they weren't easy, especially after my workout; 3-4-5-5 for a total of 17, plus a 2 mile run-walk.  I ran half of it, but it was just to humid and I was exhausted.   I also completed a few chores; vacuumed and cleaned out the food pantry.  It was a  tosseled mess, so I began with clearing and wiping down one shelf at a time.  I added any item older then 2009 to the outdoor animal pile also nothing would go unused and noted the expiration date on everything  with a permanent marker  oldest in front and newest in back.  It looks great now, but  took longer then expected, like several hours longer, but now you can now plan on what to make from what you see in the pantry and hopefully no food will be wasted or bought again until the old is used up. 

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SUNDAY. I made sure to be up and ready for morning coffee; however  no word came so I began my workout sometime around noon.  I started with a 5 minute warm up on the porch, then followed with Friday's workout, Fierce Friday by Bodyrock. I completed my push up challenge 3-4-5-5 for a total of 17 and decided on not running today.  After my shower I headed to the store so I could pick up a few ingredients for dinner.  The plan was to make turkey meat loaf muffins, but couldn't find any muffin tins so we just had turkey meatloaf.  I got the recipe off of, but wasn't  impressed.  I really enjoyed the meat loaf I made 2 weeks ago from a weight watchers cookbook. 

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MONDAY. started out with morning coffee and then back home for more cleaning!  Today I tackled  under the sink cabinet and the the 4-drawer cabinet next to the left of the sink.  It's really helped to find things and to clear out some of the clutter.  It makes for a more pleasant experience in the kitchen and prevents from buying something you already have 3 of.  I guess I feel better to knowing that everything has been freshly washed, including the drawers.  It's something that should be done when your in fall/spring cleaning mode.

I chose to make today an active rest day since I've been working so hard cleaning.  For dinner we attended a bbq.  While trying to figure out how I was going to go home, the guys suggested a new route for me to take, which ended up cutting an hour (one-way) off my drive and saves me from going over the mountains or paying any tolls ($11/weekend).  Plus, one of the guys was driving that direction and I was able to follow him all the way to Harrisburg.  It was a total blessing!

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