Thursday, September 8, 2011

rainy day blues

Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge go
Week 5 Tuesday - Thursday

Tuesday. I accept and love myself completely
Does anyone else miss the summer already?  I miss the sun the bright sun greeting me in the morning to say hello, it's MORNING!  This uggy weather has got to go and so does this rain.  It's putting a cramper on my workouts.   I hoped the rain might stop and I could go for a run along the river after my meeting tonight, but it rained all day.  I try to workout inside, but it's hard not to really get into in my dark closed room.  Just feel constricted and a little claustrophobic.  Can't wait till I have a designated workout room!  but for now I may just  to reinstate my gym membership. so I have a big open space to workout in.  Plus cardio equipment that I can do my warm up and cool down on and I really do miss everyone I used to see in the morning......also wonder if  I may have the confidence to ask the guy who I refer to as Tyler what his real name is (also known as happy magic green guy noted in my sparkspeople blog).


* Booty Firm Workout: Bodyrock interval workout
* 10 minute Yoga Video for runners
I had set my appointment with my Realtor at 6pm, but he needed to move up the time.  I wasn't sure if I could make it, especially with traffic across Harvey Taylor toward Camp Hill.  It's normally not a good idea around that time and with the bad weather blues it just made it worse and caused me to be late to our meeting.  Once I arrived at Starbucks we spent the next hour in interview process and talking about a few concerns I have in the home buying process, since we really haven't had the opportunity to sit down and talk.  Our first meeting was appropriate due to the fact that I just jumped in with both feet, blindfolded.  This is something I typically do A LOT.   I get excited about something and just go for it, then once I'm in I start to dive into the research part and I've definitely been doing my homework.

The meeting went okay.  Still no clear path of what our process would be other then stay patient and keep saving.  It's important to have that down payment cushion.  He has good points, but I'm just not sure.  I think it's best to check out a few other Realtors so I know if this is something that is the norm, or if it's just how he works.      

Wednesday. I can do anything I wish
Need to add notes.  Just to tired write anymore.
* Fit Hotties Rock by Body Rock
   28-19-30-21 Sumo High Knee
   24-20-26-26 Pendulum (chair modification)
   07-08-07-11 Santana Lift (beginner modification)

Thursday. I give love to myself and others abundantly
What a week.  The rain is causing so much damage and people are having to evacuate their homes AND work places.  Myself and coworkers today spent several hours moving things off the floors and unplugging everything electronic to keep damage to a minimum with the flooding.  We're 3 blocks from the River, which is currently at 28' so it could definitely hit 32' easily if it keeps raining like it has and we will be glad we moved everything.  We left the office around 2:30pm and we wont be back until Monday.  Several streets/highways/bridges have been closed due to the flooding.  

On the way home I thought it was going to be more chaotic, but thankfully the route I chose seemed to be unaffected allowing me to fill my gas tank make a few pit stops on the way home.  Before leaving the city I called my grandmother so she knew to expect me home shortly and she was glad to see me once I arrived, especially since they've had the news on for most of the day listening about  the flood.   

I chatted with my grandparents about the flood and my house buying process, since my grandpa didn't have the official update yet.  There really isn't much to talk about currently, but I know he's glad to at least hear about it and hopefully soon I'll have what I need and find a place that will be exactly what I need in my first home.  For lunch I enjoyed a tasty salad from GIANT, our local grocer.  I really love their salad that also has a scoop of tuna and potato salad with I think Italina dressing.  It's delicious.  I ate half and put the other half in the fridge for later.  I also had two slices of peach pie.  

I wasn't sure if I would be able to workout tomorrow so I thought it best I do my workout today while we still have water.  The water company is talking about shutting down the public water supply due to some contamination issues from the floods.  I successfully, but with some difficulty completed my workout for the day + my push up challenge.   I'm not sure how long I will be on the current level of 3-4-5-5, espeically since it's still really hard, so I cheated today and did modified push ups.  I think I'm going to continue to do that until I complete the challenge and then I'll go through it again with the goal of completing 50 non-modified pushups.  It will be a benefit either way, and even more since I'll be doing the challenge twice!
* Power Girl Workout by Body Rock
   06-06-04 Surfer
   20-10-10 Beach Scissors (R) (modified) 
   24-10-10 Beach Scissors (L) (modified) 
   14-12-12 Fighter's Lunge (R)
   15-12-12 Fighter's Lunge (L) 
   08-06-06 1-2-3 Push Ups (last set modified)

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