Monday, September 12, 2011

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Monday. I love my sexy body!
This morning was rough.  I was so tired and sore from all the work this weekend I called it an active rest day.  Plus, once we got to the office we had to put the office back together after clearing everything off the floor so in case we were flooded we would have minimal damage.  I thought about going for a run afterword, but decided instead to drive by a few houses I found on Trulia. It's good to start really looking at the locations of some of the houses that have caught my attention to see if they are worth looking into.  If I don't like the neighborhood then there's no need to make an appointment or even keep it as a potential.

The first house was on Penn St only two blocks from River Front and my infamous Kelker Street, but it was located down a paved alleyway that was crowded and parking was tight.  Decided this was enough of a reason not to look into it further.  Plus, the surround neighborhood wasn't the most cleanly. 

DRIVE BY #1: PENN ST. $110k 5bed-1ba 

The second house was definitely in a nice, cleaner area of downtown and still really close to River Front and is priced just under my budget.  It's also only a block away from Brick City a favorite hot spot of mine and Citgo Gas station. The parking here was still not ideal, but not bad for downtown.  In front of the house was a sign stating that the neighborhood is apart of the local Crime Watch so I'm not sure if I should be relived or worried. 

DRIVE BY #2: GREEN ST. $99,500 2bed-1ba 

The third house was my favorite, but I'm not sure with the HOA fees if I will be able to afford it, plus it's currently 10k over my budget. Though that may change depending on how much they want to sell it. I actually parked and walked up to the condo and chatted with one of the neighbors for a good 30 minutes. She was very nice and really likes living there. Her daughter lives in the same complex only a few buildings down. The area is near Messiah Village, which is my ideal location and also has an open parking lot so no worries on having guest over.

From the listing information I got the impression that this place came with a deck and a gated patio, which I thought would be perfect for Bain, but turns out that the patio goes with the 1 bedroom condo below the loft of this condo.  The first floor of these condos have a 1 bed 1 bath condo and above is the loft of the 2 bed 1-2 ba condos. 

The condo association fees also include your hot water and heat, so I'm not sure if that would make a difference in qualifying for this place. I really like the kitchen in this one, compared to most condos its updated and even though it's only a Galloway there is more room in the walk way so it doesn't seem so crowded. I also really like the loft area and the fireplace.  Nothing like a little time and a potentially a few price reductions for it to eventually be in my price range.  though it may sell before hand and it wouldn't surprise me.  There are 3 other condos here for sale and this one is definitely the nice and priced better.

DRIVE BY #3: MESSIAH VILLAGE AREA. $109,500 2bed-2ba 

I also stopped at TJ Maxx and found a few cute items I wanted to take home, but decided to snap pictures instead.   I'll post these pictures either Wednesday or Thursday.   I didn't bring my charger and my battery is halfway gone and I need the rest for my run after work. 
* Owl platter
* Coffee Cups
* sweet purse on clearance (just not sure if it's going to be to bulky)

were pretty on today. nothing crazy other than a 1/2 cup of soy ice cream I had with lunch.

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