Sunday, August 7, 2011

running around town

This week has been pretty long and crazy once Tuesday night hit. I had dropped my phone and spent 4 hours at Best Buy trying to get a temporary phone until my replacement arrives. I'm not looking forward to being without my phone for over a week, especially since it's more than just my phone. It's my portal to so many things and life was far simpler when I didn't have a droid phone.

I was pretty much home late every night this week, except Thursday so I didn't have much time or energy to put anything away so my room was looking pretty disastrous. Though I did have a fun night out with the girls and even made it out hiking with one of my meet-up groups and made some new friends.

My 2nd job is now back up and running with extra hours and so I worked this weekend and have several days next week already on the calendar. This is going to be a huge help in saving for my future house.

I still feel like I'm flying on a cloud when I think about being approved to buy a house. This week it's become more of a realization after my Realtor sent me several listings to review. I'm getting a little closer to owning my own house.   Though I am trying to remember that their is far more responsibility in owning a house then renting and keep praying that I'm moving in the right direction. 

planned weekly eats
breakfast: bagel w pb + chia seeds + strawberries
snacks: cereal + soy milk
lunch:   Cucumber & Sprouted Sandwich w tomato soup

snack: Chia Pudding

dinner: Quinoa Summer Salad

 I did not workout today, but will be posting a new routine Monday I'll be working on.

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