Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The beginning of a new challenge

Jamie Eason Fitness Model

It's day 2 of my 12-week transformation and I'm feeling pretty good and keeping focused. I did sway from my meal plan for Dinner last night as my roommate made dinner and it was just so yummy. Plus, it meant I didn't have to cook, but I really do need to prepare my Tempeh, but I think I will do that Wednesday night.

I've been logging my food at FitClick and finalizing my workout log.  Today I put together most of it, but I still need to add in my measurements: before + the picture and then transfer my Monday and Tuesday Workout to the notebook.  I simply used a comp book and then hand wrote some key notes from the plan for review and then printed out my daily logs and glued each day to a page in the comp book.  I tried gluing it, but the glue soaked through so tapping it was the cleaner method. 

Here are some sneak pics to show what I did and really how simple I kept it, which is a challenge for me to do.

photo 1 of logphoto 2 of log

photo 3 of logphoto 5 of log

Tomorrow is my rest day,so that's either planning a meal, cooking or doing yoga/stretching before the day ends.  I do have some light cooking I need to do with my Tempeh and I need to grill more chicken and Tilipia for the rest of the week, but other than that it will be an easy day.  I am thinking about talking an easy walk either on the Treadmill or if it's not raining during lunch and maybe spending some time in the sauna.

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