Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week Four

Goal: $50

Actual: $20.59 (Giant)
Actual: $37.13 (Weis)

Bonus Card Savings: $3.36

After taking some time to browse through the weekly flyers I saw significant savings just by buying some of my produce from Weis versus Giant.  Luckily, Weis isn’t too far out of my way, so after picking up a few things from Giant I made my way to Weis.  Though when it comes to other items Weis is not the place to go, but as I review the prices of the products I buy on a regular basis I will begin narrowing the stores I shop at and get to know more of the stores set up so I can be more efficient when I’m shopping.  Though I should have grabbed the blueberries from Giant.   The paper said Weis had them for 2.99 a pint, however, when I went to the resister I had to void 2 items.  1) Blueberries, which turned out to be 4.99 a pint and 2) My Naturally More Almond Butter.  I thought that both the Almond butter and Peanut butter were 2/$5, however it was just the pb.  I felt bad having to void it, but I wasn’t paying 5.99 for that.  By returning the pb and the 2 pints of blueberries I saved $15.97 from my grocery bill.

Produce Savings by buying at Weis verus Giant:
Eggs: $.99 vs. $1.49
Greep Peppers: $10/$10 vs $1.99/lb
4lb bag of Oranges: $3.99 vs. 4.99

I did spend more money on the Avocado at $1.89 each and the Large Seeded Grapes totally 6.25 for the bag.  They are so good though I couldn’t help but splurge on them.

(will add later)

Meal Plan:
* Breakfast

* Post-Workout

* 10am Post-Workout Meal

* 1pm Snack
* 4pm Snack

* 7pm Dinner

Staples Purchased:
#1 Naturally More PB $2.50 (saved $.49)
#1 Ziploc Round Storage  Containere $2.89
#1 Ziploc Take Along Rectangle Food Storage $3.39

I’m not sure if I saved anything by buying the storage continners at Weis, but they came in pretty handy this week.

Overall Week:
I did better with my budget, but clean eating I did stray a bit from my original meal plan due to being stressed out about a few things.   

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