Monday, May 9, 2011

Yummy Possiblities

The weather finally held out for a little while, at least enough to hit the blue trail at Adam Ricci Park in Enola.  It's a mile and a half trail that took about 30 minutes on a slow conversational pace.  It was my first time at this park so to be expectant I was lost once I got inside trying to find my friend.  The park has a grand playground that made me want to romp and play, but time was short since I had to head home afterward and prep my meals.

- Eggs and Oats Pancake

- Vanilla Protein Shake (scoop powder + 12 oz water)
- Quinoa and Mango
- Sweet Potato, half

- Power toast topped with Chic Energy Bites - cheerful cheery
- Carrots

- Cottage Cheese
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Strawberry Romaine Salad topped with Asian Sesame Crusted Chicken Nuggets

Even though things in my life have slowed down a bit there have still been a few bumps int eh road that have caused some tension and luckily a friend of mine is a massage therapist who offered his services.  You forget sometimes to just ask your friends who work in the same field you need.  I headed over Tuesday night around 7pm where we hung out in talk mode for awhile before starting.  Time just stood still while soothing music played in the background.  It was just what I needed and nothing like the School of Massage type massage, which is the only place I've gone for a massage--usually because my best friend wanted to go.   Once I was ready to get up I headed to the kitchen where we continued our conversation and added a few more before leaving around 10pm.  I can't believe I was there that long, but it's not to often that I get to see him, so it was nice to no have to rush and just enjoy our time to catch up. 

My work sponsored 5k was rescheduled for the 25th due to a mud slide and several flooded areas where our students would be running.  The haha part is that we made it out to City Island and all the kids were bussed in and then they decided to cancel it.  The good thing, despite getting the bottom of my pants and shoes soaked was being able to catch up with some of the guys that I don't see except for at student events. Though I was slightly glad it was canceled since my leg (hip flexor) was hurting pretty bad and I really didn't want to run on it.  The bad thing about not running today was not having any competition, which meant even on my bum leg I could have won first place overall girls.  Rats.  Hopefully

I was totally psyched to see this movie after watching the previews 5 times on Friday and found myself and a few other friends, including my fav guy, catching the 10pm showing.  It was super cute and even a great watch with the guys, who I heard laugh quite often.  Typically, my fav guy and I are more rambunctious, but tonight not so much.  I have my thoughts on why we were so well behaved, but for now I'll leave it alone and say it was a great night and a softly sweet ending. 

I spent my Saturday afternoon helping my grandparents take down the porch enclosure and prep it for the summer.  It didn't take too long with the 3 of us and were were able to put up the false picket fence up in it's place.  Later on that evening I spent some time rearranging my room, which was much needed.  Now I just need to take a few Rubbermaid tubs to the shed and file some I don't know what to do with this paperwork and my room will look suppurb.

I made sure to give my grandmother her card and call my mom before heading to church to wish her a very happy mothers day.  After service I made it to the gym to work on my legs and walk, but I ended up running a little.  Also, hope the guy I saw today, who was behind me while I was running is there again next Sunday.

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