Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's become second nature

Do I sleep in, or workout, sleep in or workout............ahhhhh..................
I kept going over these two options last night for a good 20 minutes.  Sleep I definitely lost trying to determine what to do for my rest day.  It's kind of funny considering over a year ago I would have easily chosen to sleep in.  However, now a days it's a challenge, because I love working out so it's become second nature to set my alarm early for a workout.  It's an addicting drug I don't ever want a cure for, but I do need to learn to take a break so I did finally decide to sleep in. Plus, I knew if I'd gone it wouldn't have been a rest day.

I  need to keep repeating over and over again until it finally sinks in:
Rest Day = a day for my muscles to recover from all the abuse I put them through at the gym.

So far this challenge has been helpful in other areas that I'm weak in; like consuming enough protein.  I'm pretty sure that's why I've had D.O.M.S. so often, because those are the days I forgot my protean shakes and wasn't able to eat anything until 4-5 hours after my workout.    Consuming enough protein is a huge struggle for me, mainly because it's harder to have amount of protein you can get in a small amount of meat.  I  know that if I was more educated in Vegan-Vegetarian Protein this wouldn't be an issue., but I'm not there yet.  So this week, I've made sure to incorporate a lot of meat; Chicken Breast and tTlapia  Do you have any suggestions for ways to consume more protein without throwing off my carbs and not having to eat so much meat?

My goal is to be between 1550-1650 calories on days that I'm working out with a 40/40/20 ration (152g of Carbs and Protein + 32g of fat).  I also have come to realize that I need to lower that number on my rest days since I wont be as active.  Though I find it frustrating, because it seems like the only way to achieve this balance is with meat and veggies and it doesn't leave much room for incorporating recipe meal, which tend to jump my carbs far more than my protein killing the balance.

I was looking forward to 4:30pm when I would meet my hairdresser.  ahhh, now I feel better and my hair is manageable again.  I've been blessed with super thick hair, but it makes it hard to keep styled so I purposely  have it thinned out and styled very similar to the picture below.   However, I really have been liking how my hair looks with the help of the flatiron that I'm curious to see what it would look like longer, so today I just opted to just go with a basic trim and a major thin out. 

I really did accomplish a lot today, even a trip to ashcomb farms so I can get an idea of the financial impact to start a garden.  Now that I have a yard I really want to take advantage of being able to grow some of my favorite fruits and veggies.  I want to keep it simple,  so I'll be planting cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries.  Though I may be tempted to add heirloom peppers if they're available.  At only 1.99 a plant it's not going to be a huge impact on my budget.

cauliflower plant
cauliflower plants at Ashcomb.  I really wanted to pick up a few.

I even made it home before dark and managed to get some cooking done.
* Cooked pasta and brown rice
* Marinated and baked my tempeh
* Grilled Chicken breast and tilapia seasoned with Caribbean Citrus& from
  Mrs. Dash on my George foreman

Goals this week:
* Adjust meal plan-calorie intake on rest days.
* Actually REST on my rest day
* Buy 4 more sets of the divided Tupperware (pictured above) for my meals as
  they are super handy.

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