Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week three

Goal: $50

Actual: $62.02 (Giant) 

Bonus Card Savings: $13.68

This was another challenging meal prep with trying to balance everything out (45P/45C/10HF).  I need to find an easier way to do this and save money so I can begin to buy supplements.  Then things escalated when I got to the grocer and realized I wasn't going to have enough time to cook any of my meals, so I had to think of some alternatives.  Luckily, I still have a ton of leftovers from last week that I was able to use.

Original Plan:

* Breakfast:
     Overnight Oat Berries+Cereal    
* Post-Workout
    Protein Cookie
* 10am Post-Workout Meal
    Black Bean Oat Burger
* 1pm Snack
    Yogurt Bowl
* 4pm Snack
    banana + pb
* 7pm Dinner
   Teriyaki Tempeh + Brown Rice

Adjusted Plan

* Breakfast:
     Overnight Oat Berries + Cereal
* Post-Workout
    Protein Shake
* 10am Post-Workout Meal
     Cottage Cheese
     Cherry tomatoes (leftovers)
* 1pm Snack
    Yogurt Bowl
* 4pm Snack
    Power Toast (leftovers)
* 7pm Dinner
     Tuna + Cucumber + ww WASA
     + Red Wine Vinegar + Carrots

Staples Purchased:

#1 Sugar in the Raw $2.89
#1 Giant Vinegar $0.85
#2 Strawberries (32oz for 3.89) Going to freeze one package
#1 Burt's Bees Lip Gloss $2.69
#1 Sports Creme $6.49
#1 Antibiotic Creme $3.66
#1 large Quaker Oats 1-min oats $3.69
#1 Bobs Red Mills Wheat Berries $2.99

Total Staples: $23.26 (not including the strawberries)

Project: Food Budget

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