Tuesday, May 24, 2011

smells like a healthy choice

I had an itch to go running today, especially with it being such a beautiful day that I couldn't help even at the evening hour of 7:30 driving to city island so I could run along riverfront Park.  I couldn't help but smile when I came across the entry sign that greeted me with "Free Parking Today! Have a Great Day!."  There were so many people there, so I hoped that this was a good sign that the weather would hold up.

I didn't want to go to far, especially since I had already gone to the gym this morning, so I set my run keeper and decided that I would only do 2 miles as I made my way toward the bridge

I surprisingly followed my plan in which turned out to be a great way to see some of my friends as on my way back to the park I was surprised to see a friend of mine walking toward me.  He and his roomie were just heading out for a nice evening walk. We chatted for a few and then went on our way.

river front park shadow man fall

I ran for most of the trail, but did take some time to just walk and catch my breath.  I'm really trying to get myself outside to run so I can work up my endurance, because it's just not the same when your running on the treadmill.  I would love to work up to my 10 mile goal this year and know I've really worked for it, but challenging myself with running outside.

I was glad to see the bridge and knew that I was almost to my 2 mile mark.  I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to stretch my calves, especially since they were feeling a little tight and then headed toward my car where I finished my stretches.  Halfway through my stretches a runner passes by and it was someone I knew.  I love the fact that I decided to go out running late and still managed to see my friends also making the decision to make healthy choices.  It really does make my heart happy.  Once my friend stopped at his car to grab his post-workout drink he made his way over where we chatted for a good while about running and our other social actives.

It was a very fantastic night and I'm super dupper glad that I decided to run tonight and I even ran into two more friends when I stopped at the gym to clean up.

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