Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week two

Goal: $50

Actual: $74.49 
            $48.33 (wegmans)
            $26.16 (weis)

I spent several hours last Sunday planning my meals using the Sunday Circulars for this week and finally made it to the grocer Monday night after 9pm.  I found everything I needed between Weis and Wegmans, but remembered while shopping at Wegmans that I needed protein powder and ???, which caused me to go over budget.   I was hoping to spend a little less since I used a good amount of ingredients from my pantry, but I guess I can be thankful that I didn't spend any more.  I still didn't get to making any no-knead whole wheat bread this week, but hopefully I will get a chance to attempt that on Saturday while taking care of my laundry.

Mango is typically 2 for $5 so when I saw Weis had them 10 for $10 I grabbed 5 in hopes of freezing 3 of them for later.  I'm not sure how well they freeze, but for $1 each I'm going to find out.

I needed mayo for my Cesar Dressing, but I didn't want to use my Safflower mayo at a whopping 100 calories per tablespoon so I picked up Hellmans Light Mayo, which had only 35 calories per tablespoon and ingredients I understood.  Kiwi was also 2 packs of 6 for $5 so I picked up a pack. 

While at Wegmans I ended up helping a young engaged couple who were looking for hosin sauce.  It turned out to be in the organic isle and when I brought it over to them we ended up talking for over an hour.  They are very sweet and good talkers.  We went jumped from several topics, even politics and religion and if it wasn't so late I probably would have stayed and talked to them longer.  It always nice to be able to make new friends when out and about

Key code:
(*)  from my pantry
(B)  bought
(**) sale items

- Eggs and Oats Pancake
     * eggs + all white's egg whites
     * cinnamon
     * chia seeds
     * oats
     * soy milk
     B strawberries **
     B greek plain yogurt **
- Vanilla Protein Shake (scoop powder + 12 oz water)
     * vanilla protein powder
- Quinoa and Mango
     * quinoa
     * coconut flakes
     * cashews
     * agave nectar
     B mango **
- Sweet Potato, half
     * sweet potatoes
- Power toast topped with Chic Energy Bites - cheerful cheery
     * 15.gran bread
     * weis pb
     * sunflower seeds
     * chia seeds
     * dried cherries/craisins
     * cashews
     * almonds
     B medjool dates
- Carrots
     B carrots
- Cottage Cheese
     B cottage cheese
- Cherry Tomatoes
     B cherry tomatoes **
- Strawberry Romaine Salad topped with Asian Sesame Crusted Chicken Nuggets
     * sugar in the raw
     * vinegar
     * red onion
     * poppy seeds
     B light mayo
     B romaine lettuce
     B strawberries **
     B plain greek yogurt **

     * soy sauce
     * garlic
     * ginger
     * sesame seeds
     B Chicken Breast **

Staples Purchased:
#1 Vanilla Protein Powder
#1 10lb pack of Wegmans Boneless Skin Less Chicken Breast ($1.99 per lb)
#5 Mango (10 or $10) Going to free 3 of them.
#3 Chobani Greek Plain Yogurt (4 for $5)
#3 Yoglait Greek Plain Yogurt

Project: Food Budget

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