Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fit smartie

I relished in the thought of pulling the covers over my head and sleeping for another day in hopes that when I woke up the pain would be gone. It's unbearable and every time I walk the sharp pain reminds me that I need to slow down.  I'm not sure what the underlining factor is to my self injuring behavior, but I really  hope I figure it out soon, because I'm not sure how much longer my legs can take it.  

It so hard to tell myself to slow down when I feel like I can fly during my runs; however my legs just can't take all that extra beating and they remind me with every step.   I really need to sit down and work though my goals and create a plan that will help get me to my desired fitness level without continually re-stressing my muscles to the point of overkill.  I need to train right and slow down.  I have all good intentions when I begin my workout, but once I get started I just can't stop and sometimes it's for a silly reason like impressing a cute fitness boy.....like from this current injury.  I had been checking him out Sunday in the weight room and 15 minutes into my 20 minute cardio he made his way up stairs and landed on the elliptical 15 behind me.  I was supposed to only have been doing a 20 minute walk to cool down after my leg routine (machines), but I decided I would run two minute  intervals instead.  Yes, I already knew this was a bad idea, and that I needed to stick to my original plan, but I found myself hitting the time button until I added another 15 minutes.
I could just be a glutton for pain, because I knew I was going to pay for it, but I wanted to come across as something more than I was...yes I got sucked into the desire to impress.  I'm not sure if he was looking my way, but it seemed a few times that he was going to come over and say hi, but half way over he would make a quick u-turn .  It was the kind of reaction of heading out the door and realizing that you forgot your keys and needed to turn around to get them.  I probably wouldn't have thought much about it, but he did this 3 times just while I was on the seated calf machine.  He even, when I was done with my cardio upstairs, took a water break right after I was next to the water fountain prepping my towel to clean my machine.  This could all very much just be in my head, either way it doesn't change the fact that he was a cute fitness guy and I'm a cute fitness girl.  hmmmmmm.

I need to find a balance.  I need to be a fit smartie, who works herself just enough to keep the blood flowing, and the body happy during and after a run.  Any tips on what to do?  

I've been spending a lot of time between fitclick and bodybuilding.com reading and checking out some new exercises to incorporate into my routine and I came across their 12 week body transformation plan for women-fat lose by  Jamie Eason so starting next week I'll be posting printable workout cards for this routine and logging in my training on my bodyspace page.  I think this will be a good start and help increase my exercises library and really start to see some definition, especially if I can stick with tthe meal plan that long.   It seems pretty easy, but kind of bland, but I need to make some sacrifices if I want to see change in my physique.  I also want to start adding more supplements to my diet, like L-Caritine and Omega 3 Fatty acids,  since I currently only take Iron and a Vegetarian Multivitamin.


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