Monday, June 20, 2011

fit n' the summer (m1-d2)

Monday: week 1 day 2.  You know it's bad when it's only day 2 of your program and you're already making adjustments. Yeah, I know I'm slacking. Though to my defense I had a pretty long day yesterday and I opted for the sleep. I also spent several hours trying to put together my meal plan, while trying to match up coupons at the same time. I was only able to use 3, but at least that was a little bit of a savings.

As the day goes along I feel the need to go for a walk, at this point any activities would be good, especially since I know I've eaten more than I should for a rest day. Does anyone else have a hard time varying their diet for rest days versus intense workout days? 

With my plans this evening I didn't think I would have time for the walk, but as it turns out my friend wasn't ready for me to come over until 7pm, which gave me plenty of time to sneak in a 3.37 mile walk {satisfying my hunger for a walk}.

today's eats
breakfast: coffee + cheerios, reg silk milk, half banana.
snack #1: chocolate protein shake + apple
lunch: Strawberry-Cottage Cheese Oat
pre-run: fiber one frosted shredded wheat mixed with
1/2c Chobani p-yogurt, almonds, chia seeds, 1/2 apple
post-run: half plain bagel+chocolate protein shake with glutamine
dinner: Chicken Salad Sandwich on white bread (WEIS) + sparkling kiwi-strawberry water

bmr calc = 1389
I found this bmr calculator after reading Moving past a weight loss plateau posted by Nancy Anne at it all makes a difference.  The information sprung out of a discussion on sparkspeople called buuurrnn and build.....ah!.   It wasn't really anything I didn't already know, but it was nice to re.check my  number every so often so I have a general idea of how much I should be eating each day.

age: 30
ht: 5'-3"
weight: 154lbs

daily calories needs
workout 5x/week
2032 maintenance (seriously if this was my maintenance I would be far under)
1625 weight loss
1232 extreme weight loss

daily overview
Calories Burned: 0
Calories Eaten: 1544 (247c - 38f - 75p)  

this doesn't include my post-run or dinner, so you know I'm way way over on my daily calorie base.

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