Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fit n' the summer (m1-d3)

Tuesday: week 1 day 3.    I was very close to giving in to sleep this morning, but after a pep talk I finally managed to pull myself out from under the covers and headed to the kitchen to make my pre-run breakfast.  This pre-run breakfast is where I have the hardest time.  I know what breakfast my body loves for a pre-strength routine meal, but I haven't hit that happy tummy point where I eat just enough to fuel my morning run.  The problem is finding a fast digesting food that will also give me the energy I need without feeling overstuffed.   What's your preferred pre-run morning meals?

I headed over to my old HS track, because I was to lazy to drive to the gym to run 1.5 miles on the treadmill.  Plus., it seemed a little silly to drive 20 minutes to the gym for a run that was only going to take maybe 15 minutes and with the track being only a mile away that seemed the better option.  I decided to drive to save on time and to keep my shoes from getting muddy since it had rained last night and there were still puddles in our gravel driveway.  I started out good, but once I hit mile 1 I was already out of breath {well to be honest it was more like my lungs were being suffocated, as if my lungs had closed in and weren't able to take in as much oxygen}.  Though I kept pushing past my bodies first inital desire to quit and managed to finish my last 2 laps strong and under 15 minutes.  The part that made every push worth it was when I saw my average mile time at 8:55.  My best average time prior, even on a track, was closer to an 11min mile.

Sometimes I  Despite not fueling properly for my run I still managed to push out my best time EVER averaging an 8:55mi.  It was o

today's eats
breakfast: coffee + english muffin, pb, chia & sunflower seeds+1/2 orange
+ 1 medjool date for a little added energy
post-run: ww wrap, 1/4 avocado, 4tb black beans, 4 tb salsa, red leaf + grapes

lunch: cup Chobani plain yogurt, 1/4c hemp/flax granola + cherries
snack #2: orange + 1c soy milk + tb pb
dinner: tbd

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