Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fit n' the summer (m1-d9+d10)

Monday  eats
breakfast: coffee +
snack #1: chocolate protein shake + apple
lunch: chicken, black beans, red leaf lettuce, walnuts, salsa, cucumber, wrap + grapes + 4 cherries
snack #2: frosted fiber one mini wheats + soy milk + sliced almonds + 1/2 apple
dinner:1 slice cheese pizza
snack #3: Soy milk + pb fudge

rest day

Nothing to crazy today just a basic visit to my chiropractor after work and then headed to a friends.  I was getting tired and made my way home around 8pm.  I was hoping to stop at the Inside Track before they closed at 8pm, but I'll have to try later on this week.  Hopefully, they will still have my shoes as they've been there for about two weeks now.  I feel really bad, but I just haven't been able to get there.

When I pulled in the driveway I realized I was missing the Bachelorette (Ashley).  Not my usual show, but I'll watch it with my grandmother and we talk about what's going on as this is one of her favorite shows.  She typically gets really into them and even jots down every name and a little bio and then crosses them off when they're eliminated.  I'm more of a Pushing Daisies and Drop Dead Diva kind of gal.  I've seen most of the shows this season, but missed the last two.  Mainly, because I forgot about the show and was having to much fun hanging with my friends.  As each episode unfolds you can really see how fragile Ashley is and so how not ready she is for this show.  She's so emotionally unstable and flips so easily.  Plus, I really dislike how easily she fell for Bentley.  He's such a ...., and he never should have been on the show.  I'm sure she feels really stupid now that the show's airing and she can see how he really felt about her.  This season William caught my eye so I was more interested in seeing how he played the game.  I also liked Mickey, the cook from NY and was glad to see him take the initiative to leave on episode 6.  If she was that invested in Bentley, and that's truly what she was looking for then Mickey is not for her.  He seems like a really great guy and she is so far out of his league and I hope he finds someone who is stable and will appreciate all he has to offer.

Tuesday  eats
pre-run: 1 medjool date + tb pb +
post-run: vanilla protein shake + coffee + apple
snack #1: frosted fiber one mini wheats + soy milk + cashews + raisins
lunch: red leaf lettuce, black beans, walnuts, salsa, cucumber, onion, wrap + steamed asparagus
snack #2:coffee, soy milk, sweet n low + activia blueberry yogurt + 7 baby carrots
dinner:1 tbd
snack #3:

Morning Run: go
1.45 miles {10:01 avg pace} + 186 calories burned {14.30 minutes}

I was so tempted to consider today another rest day, especially since I will be working from 8:30am - 9pm.  ugh!  but I need the hours so I'm going to suck it up and work.  It would be great to only need to work 40 hours a week, but when you work for a non-profit that's just not possible if you want to keep a float when you have student loans.  Once I finally talked myself out of bed it seemed to take forever to finally get run ready and begin my run.  I didn't feel like running around the track today so I made a detour through the retirement apartments and around the HS parking lot.  I was surprised to make it to work on time, especially since I didn't hit the showers until ten after seven and I even had time to straighten my hair and paint my face.  I love days like that.   

I was excited to see Portland Oregon as the 4th healthiest city in the US according to SHAPE.COM.  Portland is one of the cities I want to move to in the next 5 years.  It even beat out Denver, (5) Virginia (9) and California (6).  Minneapolis took first, then Washington DC and Boston 3rd.    I'm alittle surprised to have seen Minneapolis take first.

Here's what they have to say:
Portland has experienced double-digit population growth for the past few decades, in no small part because of its bucolic surroundings and laid-back attitude. A high ratio of parks to residents, as well as easy access to both mountains and coast, make the area a hub for outdoor fun, from windsurfing to snowboarding (even in the summer!). 

Fit Stop: Cyclocross
A growing number of local women are trying cyclocross—a mix of cycling, running, and a whole lot of mud. Hotspots to practice your skills are Pier Park in N

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