Monday, June 6, 2011

life smells good

Things have been coming up Roses for me this last week and I’m loving every minute of it.  It’s a combination of the new (gently used) cloths I bought last week from the thrifty store, the financial goodness, less stress, great hair days and staying true to my clean eating.  This is a very happy combination for me and it’s sparked a super confidence in me.  I feel super amazing, like I’m a model on the cover of Vogue Magazine.   That’s right I feel pretty & Strong!  You should have seen my arms this morning while I was doing my upper body workout.  They looked pretty ripped while I was doing my Triceps Kickbacks and Alternate Hammer Curls and I’m pretty sure a few of the guys were checking me out.  My outfit helped to, felt super confident in that.  It’s a new combination that I put together with a yellow a-tee that I used for another shirt that I added to a black sleeveless top so I had some color to my all black outfit.  I need color in my outfits.  I can’t stand wearing all back-so not me.   

This past week I’ve been doing well with my diet and even lost 2” in the last month.  After logging in a few meals, I realized how much I was really eating, about 1800 calories and that’s too much to lose anything.   This week I adjusted my meals so I’m eating differently on my weight training days and cardio-rest days so I’m not over eating on my lower intensity days.

I had an unspoken goal last week of walking every night along Riverside Park and I was glad when a friend of mine wanted to walk with me.  It gave us some time to hang out and catch up, plus he’s super close to the park so we can just walk from his place.  I really love having friends who want to get out and be active and I really hope at least during the summer they continue with that desire.  This week were getting together to workout outside twice a week.  He has a book he’s used before with some body strength workouts and then we’ll cool down with a walk.   I’m also going to keep my ears open to see if anyone wants to join us or workout with him on days when I’m not able.  I’m looking forward to it and it will be a nice change from my current workout.  Plus, I feel that I get better results working out at night so I should see a little more definition change.

I'm even excited about my new bathing suit.  I found a totally cute bikini halter top, but needed a bottom and when I was at TJ MAXX yesterday hoping to find bottoms to match I found a super cute green Roxxy Bikini that I can't wait to wear. 

The Suit from TJ MAXX is similar to this style, except mine is all green, instead of MEXICO on the butt it says ROXY and the Top also has a Roxy logo on it.  The bikini to the right is the one I bought trying to find a bottom to.  I'm much happier and feel far cuter in the ROXY suit. 

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  1. love it! keep up the great work. sounds like you are kicking some major butt. :)