Sunday, June 19, 2011

fit n' the summer

the beginning.Despite only finishing my first month of the 12-week burning the fat program from I'm veering towards other avenues to keep in shape for the summer.  I know it's possible to keep in shape without spending my time working out at the gym.  It's way to nice for that.  Plus,  the sun is calling me to the outdoors.  

I think I would have kept going with the gym, but after talking to a co-worker last Thursday who has been working on the 5k training program, Advanced track by Hal Higden and a yogi I met at Om My Yoga on Saturday at their grand opening I think this is the perfect fit for the summer.   It will allow the change in routine and sun that my body is craving.  I've even gone as far as freezing my gym membership, which  starts at my next billing cycle on July 11th.    

stay fit summer plan:
- Tone It Up Pyramid Workouts for body work.
- Biweekly Yoga classes at  Om My Yoga as a treat and because I really like the people and atmosphere.

the perfect fit:
If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that my goal is to run 10 miles by the end of the year.  I thought I was getting close, but like I said above most of my running has been via treadmill which is a far from running outdoors.    

day 1
The sun was out and the breeze felt good as I made my way across the City Island bridge.  I had started strong and really tried to focus on my breathing and stay at a steady pace.  It wasn't an easy run  and disheartening knowing that by mile one I was ready to stop; however, I wouldn't let myself.  I kept finding a new mark to push towards and then once I hit that mark found another one until I was truly done and when I finally finished I read 1.52 miles, which took me to Kelker.  You truly are rewarded when you push through  just a little bit further and achieve your mark no matter how small.  

Once I hit my mark I decided to post my time and restart for the walk back.  This way I would have a clear reading of my pace for each run and see how much improvement I've made.  Today my mile was at a 10 min pace, which I was ecstatic.  That's a whole minute shorter than my last 5k race.  Now I just have to keep hitting my mini goal markers until I finally reach  my ultimate goal for this year and that's run a 10 mile race at an 8min pace.

So here is what this weeks plan is:
hal higden novice training program week 1

Sunday: 1.5 mile Run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1.5 mile morning Run
Wednesday: 30-60 minute evening walk
Thursday: Rest or run/walk + 5:30pm Hot Vinyasa
Friday: 1.5 mile evening Run
Saturday: Rest or run/walk

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