Thursday, June 2, 2011

Project: Food Budget - Week Five

Actual: $19.86 (Giant)
Actual: $8.77 (Target)
Actual: $8.24 (Weis)

I've been more diligent on going through my coupons this week and trying to make sure I plan for foods that I can use the coupon for.  I still need work better on using items in my pantry.  I used a few things, but I really just don't have a lot in their to use to plan the majority of my meals from.  I was also thankful that my mom came into town and brought me all kinds of goodies (food + cloths).  I was still way under my budget, but was hoping to spend even less then I did since my mom having a ton of food that was already on my shopping list.

Meal Plan:  (will add later)
* Breakfast

* Post-Workout

* 10am Post-Workout Meal

* 1pm Snack
* 4pm Snack

* 7pm Dinner

Staples Purchased: (will add later)

Project: Food Budget
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