Sunday, June 26, 2011

fit n' the summer (m1-d7+d8)

Saturday  eats
breakfast: coffee + oatmeal with water, soy milk, 1/2 banana mashed, 4 strawberries
snack #1: banana + almond butter
lunch: 1/2 Mediterranean veggie sandwich from Panera + an apple + 1/2 pink Gatorade
snack #2: apple
dinner:2 slice veggie pizza + green Gatorade
snack #3: Soy milk + pb fudge

After my crazy workout Friday I decided that sleeping in and taking a rest day would be a good idea for Saturday.  I'm really glad I did, because I don't think I would have made it otherwise with all the running around I did on Saturday.  I was up by 7am, finished two loads of laundry and was out the door by 9:45am and didn't get home until close to 11pm.  There was so much to do and still more to work on next Saturday.  Though at some point very soon I need to go through my things in the shed and see what I can add to our yardsale.

rest day

Sunday  eats 
breakfast: coffee + oatmeal with water, 4 strawberries + 2 egg whites & 1 egg scrambled 
snack #1: trail mix snack bar
lunch/pre-run: trail mix (pecans+raisin+almonds) + medjool date + apple
post run: chocolate protein shake + 1/2 banana
dinner: 2 waffles (van's omega 3 + flax) + pear + strawberries + sugar free syrup
snack #3: Soy milk + pb fudge

I woke up Sunday morning and made a yummy breakfast, well tried to at least.  Our microwave stopped working about a minute into my oatmeal so I had to postpone breakfast for about an hour until we could figure out the problem.  Turns out the wires connected to the A/C receptacle burned out causing the other receptacles connected to that circuit to stop working.  With all the drama it added extra time to get ready and I arrived at church a little late, but lately that's just normal for me so I wasn't to worried about that.  At least I was there.

After church I chatted with some friends and then closer to 1pm changed into my hiking outfit.  I had 3 other RSVP's for the hike, but only one showed up and I didn't hear from the rest.  I did hear from one of the girls, but not until Sunday when I got an email from her wondering why no one was there.  I felt bad, but I did send out an email Friday before I left work telling everyone the meet up point and included my cell.  

The hike was a lot of fun.  We headed to Boyd Big Tree Reserves in Harrisburg.  It has 4 trails, Green (super easy 1 mile), pink (which turned into green), white (going to try next time) and red (hardest - up hill).  We kept good conversation and ended up laughing so hard that we cried on the way home.  We started and it was really hard to stop.  I think passing cars were wondering if we were high.  Let me reassure we were not, but man it felt like we were; though I've never been so I can't be 100% sure on that.

We completed a 2.7 mile hike and afterward I decided to go for a run so I made my way to city island.  I began at the bridge and ran all the way to Kelker and back to the split at the Garden  where I began the fitbook bootcamp {minus the resistance bands and the wall sits.  Then I walked back to my car and then headed to the gym for some sauna time and a shower.

Hike: 2.7 miles + 341 calories burned go
Run: 1.96 miles {10:08 avg pace} + 273 calories burned go
Walk: 1.00 mile {19:42 avg pace} + 100 calories burned go

weigh in:
150LBs {150LB block}

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