Thursday, June 23, 2011

fit n' the summer (m1-d4 + d5)

I was able to get so much done between yesterday and today, but it still feels like there is still a list a mile long.  Even now I feel rushed even though I've added several events to our fb page, created a twitter account and an page to.  Craziness.  Lots and lots done just for this site to help keep you guys updated on what's going on.  Why so many pages??

facebook go
I added a group here for Harrisburg Fit Foodie Wannabes and Beyond.  It is a group I created this year to bring locals together who want to surround themselves with other fit foodies and wannabe fit foodies so we can encourage each other to stay fit and healthy.   The only con is that fb groups are not as organized as is, but that's their main focus so they can have a better layout to keep things organized and easy to access.  This is where twitter comes into play.

Twitter go
This was created to add specific updates
ie added events: hiking  in june + adam ricci walks {next 3 walks} + road trip to trader joes in july
ie updated: bio and training page {5k training program} + added a new goal setting called the lululemon way on my goals page. go
this is a really awesome and very simple site that allows you to write a quick bio and add all of your pages so when you meet people you can give them a card with this link on it and it will give them access to all of your social sites.

new name
I hope you guys are as excited about my new name as I am.  I've been playing with a few names the last few weeks, but none of them have created the overall design of this blog like happy tummy point does.  It actually came while I was writing a post and since then I've flown with it.  It's now the twitter handle and the basis of my blog here.  I've also decided that I will make no more changes to the name of this blog.  It will forever be known as the <i>happy tummy point</i> and I hope you guys like it as much as I do.  I'd love to hear what you guys think of the new name.  I hope to have the blog professional designed in the next 6 months and with that the image with the logo may change, but I'll leave that up to the professional.

fit summer update
yesterday it took a while, but I finally made it out for a run around 7pm and conquered a 1.61 mile run just past Kelker in just 16:02 with a 09:59 average minute mile.  It felt so good and I wasn't as tired as I was the other day.  After logging in my time I headed back toward the bridge, but stopped at the Garden to do a bootcamp workout from fitbook.  Today I'm going to take a rest day and go bowling with the boys.  

I was surprised to see my grandtastic score {this is my current best score}, though now that I found the perfect ball I'm confident that my score will stay above the 100s (as long as it's available when I go).  Plus, with a little practice, which should be easy  to do since the boys go  every Thursday. 

todays eats
breakfast: coffee + flax and omega waffles, 1/3 pear, 1/2 apple, 1/4 c p greek yogurt, blueberries

snack #1:  fiber one frosted mini wheats, soy milk, walnuts
lunch: chicken, red leaf lettuce, walnuts, salsa, cucumber wrap + grapes
snack #2: Ezekiel toast, pb, sunflower seeds, flax, chia seeds + 1c soy milk
dinner: chocolate protein shake+ 1/2 orange + 1/2 plain bagel

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