Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Week 3 Sunday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  
I was up sometime around 7am but wasn’t really motivated, especially hearing the rain fall. It went non-stop for the next several hours as I stayed in bed until I decided to head downstairs  around 9 and made breakfast. Today I decided to have a full bagel with a cup of milk. Although after a few sips of the milk I decided to toss it. I’m not sure why it tasted bad, as it doesn't expire until 04/12 and I just opened it last weekend, but when I went to dump it down the sink their were chunks of soy milk, which makes me feel a lot better about tossing it. I had my typical bagel toppings; pb+chia seeds+ strawberries and had a tall glass of water instead. After I finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen I headed back upstairs with my laptop and book. I played Colbie Caillat in the background while I finished part 1 of my book Scale Down.

The phone rang several hours later, which woke up Pat. So I headed back downstairs to begin making her toast and coffee while she took Punkin (her dog) outside. Once she was ready to head back to her room I let her know I was going back upstairs to read and to let me know if she needed anything. It wasn’t long once I got up that Punkin began to whimper. I assumed it was because Pat was eating and she wanted some toast. She had stopped for a minute and I heard her paws on the wood floor and shortly after she began whimpering again. I decided to get up and see what she wanted. She was sitting at the bottom on the stairs looking up, waiting for me to come get her, so I picked her up and Pat said she was whimpering, because she wanted to come up with me. I took her up and put her on the bed with me and put the gate back up at the entrance of the stairs before getting back into bed to continue my reading. It wasn’t but a few minutes later I was startled by the gate crashing to the floor. At first I thought the wind had somehow blown it down, but then I knew it was KittySpot (the cat) who had pushed it down to get to me. She jumped up on the bed and came right to me wanting my attention. It was several hours that the 3 of us laid on the bed while I read and they slept on this very lazy rainy Sunday.


I’m hoping in an hour or two I’ll have some energy to begin making dinner. I have planned to make homemade tomato soup, but I didn’t bring my fresh tomatoes and my mom had already given away the other bags she had so I ended up using canned tomatoes.

I think if I actually got up and began a workout I would be fine, but it’s getting that initial energy to begin that’s the problem.
I’m thinking a time challenge of
- Reptile on the run
- Super low hop squats
- Explosive star
- Abs crossover crunch up

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* Get outside, breathe some fresh air, play with friends and family, and enjoy your down time. Meditation would be a great choice today.

daily affirmation
I am rocking this fitness challenge!

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daily review:
* read Scale Down ch. 0 pg 00-00 (00 minutes)
* Tomorrow's Workout: Burpees are forever by Bodyrock
* in bed by 11pm
* repeated the daily affirmations throughout the day
* noted my workouts and meals in my journal
* eats were pretty on. 

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