Wednesday, August 31, 2011

inspiration on the wall

Week 4 Wednesday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  
I totally bailed on the the burpees are forever workout today and decided to sleep in.  I should have gotten up, but I was glad to get the rest especially after my run last night.  It was pretty late when I got to bed and was just feeling really drained from all the stress. 

* Burpees are Forever: 12 minute Bodyrock interval workout (Monday's routine)
* 30 minute brisk walk

My energy levels stayed low until about 30 minutes into my evening job shift.  I'm sure it was because the company was pretty good.  I think this was the very first shift in the year I've been there that was the most relaxed and everyone enjoyed being there even with the lack of willing callers.  As my energy was increasing I really wanted to  just burst out in the middle of the office and do the  Burpees are Forever workout, however I refrained and instead performed some upper body moves as I sat in my cubical taking calls.  I know I was working it, because I was starting to sweat after only 15 minutes.  It gave me loads of energy and the night flew by.  It was fantastic; wish all the shifts were as awesome as tonight.

I was also inspired by a coworker as we were talking about ways she could find ways to inspire her to workout.  One of the things I suggested was for her to schedule her workouts so she knew what time she was going to do it and what workout ahead of time.  It makes it harder to make excuses this way.  With that it inspired me to start using the weekly white board Calendar I bought a few months back from BBB, which has just been taking up wall space.  I decided it would be best used above my bed to remind me what my workout is for the next day and beside it I have a pocket folder where I'm going to store my print outs for each workout that week.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to burst out into a workout in public?  do you remember the routine?

daily affirmation
My energy is off the charts!

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daily goals:
* Bed by 10pm finally shut off the lights just after 1am-bad internet
* Read (a few online articles)
* Repeat the daily affirmations
* log all eats and daily workout
* Tomorrow's Workout: At Home Workout by Bodyrock

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