Thursday, August 25, 2011

a morning stretch

Week 3 Thursday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  
I can't tell you how glad I was this morning knowing that it was a rest day, especially because my muscles were so sooorrrre from the totally fantastic and so worth it workout I stayed in bed while performing a few stretches with my elastic bands only because I was so exhausted I didn't have the energy to get out of bed yet.  I thought having 8 hours of sleep I would wake up clearer, but  I also woke up twice during the night which I know didn't help the feeling of exhaustion this morning.  I've been working hard this week and was particularly hoping they would cancel the shift for tonight when the rainstorm came in this morning; however, it's cleared up to be a beautiful day.

I managed to make it through my evening job thanks to the ladies on either side of me.  They really helped the time to fly by.   Sometime before break I was able to put together my schedule for next week, which was pretty sparce considering the shifts they had available.  I felt a little bad, telling myself that I should work Monday night since I have other events set for Tuesday and Thursday, but then I remembered that I'll be in Huntington working job #3 and then I stopped feeling bad. 

After work I had decided to turn down hanging out with some friends who were gathering for a birthday celebration, but I was so exhausted from working this week that I really just needed to head  home so I could rest.  Plus, I still needed to pack for my job this weekend and clear out a few things from my car that I hadn't gotten to this week.  Luckily and a little shocked that it didn't take me long I was glad to crawl into bed and turn out the lights by 10pm. 

* 15-min favorite stretches or yoga poses.
   Stretch deeply, holding each one for a full minute.
   Breathe deeply and allow your body to relax into each stretch.

* You can also take a gentle walk, bike ride, do some more yoga, dance to a few
   songs, or just be active in your daily activities like cleaning and gardening
   if you like, but keep it gentle.

daily affirmation
I am so grateful to have the ability to move my body each day. 
I am so lucky!

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daily review:
* read Scale Down ch. 0 pg 00-00 (00 minutes)
* Tomorrow's Workout: Crazy Home Bootcamp by Bodyrock
* in bed by 9:45pm and lights out by 10pm
* repeated the daily affirmations throughout the day
* noted my workouts and meals in my journal
* eats were pretty on. did have a 2nd cup of coffee before 5pm

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