Friday, August 26, 2011

silly press

Week 3 Friday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  
By 5:20 this morning I was ready to begin the day with a natural awakening.  No alarm required today!  Though that doesn't mean I actually started my day then so for the next 15 minutes I laid in bed and enjoyed the peace.  After a few stretches I settled on a pair of pink shorts and a sports bra for my workout and headed out to the porch.

Yesterday evening I took some time to review Crazy Home Bootcamp and was frightened.  I'm sure it's a really awesome workout, but not one I'll be experiencing this morning.  The moves were pretty advanced and required more time to prep, which I just didn't have so I took advantage of the simple yet challenging Body like a Carry Out routine from Monday I missed.

This particular challenge was an interval workout set for 12 rounds of 10 second and 50 second intervals, but instead adjusted it to be a time challenge.   I wasn't sure the number of reps to perform so I reviewed the scores posted and decided 10 reps each would be a good number.  The first round seemed easy, but as I moved closer to the finish  I was also slowing down and glad that I was only doing 10.

I felt pretty silly trying to perform the Pike Press-Pike Jump-Jump Up, because my press and jump are still pretty wimpy so after 2 rounds I decided to accept that for now this  move will require modification.  So until I built up my strength I will be using the steps, which helped greatly in keeping my balance allowing me to focus on proper form and muscle use.

The forward/backward lunge was another toughie for me.  Man it really works those legs and it doesn't take long before you feel the burn so it was a definite push for me to finish strong.  In my number I counted one forward + one backward lunge as 1 rep, and Zuzana counts each lunge as 1 so technically I performed 40 each round.

* Crazy Home bootcamp by Bodyrock
   12 minute Bodyrock interval (sandbag optional)

* If you have time, you can also do a free 20 minute Yoga Download class.
  You could try this 20 minute Jivamukti class.

* Body like a Carry Out by Body Rock, time challenge
* Post walk/short sprint, to stretch out my legs.

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daily affirmation
The universe/life/god is always supporting me & encouraging my growth.

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daily review:
* read Scale Down ch. 0 pg 00-00 (00 minutes)
* Tomorrow's Workout: Sexy Fit Beast by Bodyrock
* in bed by 10pm
* repeated the daily affirmations throughout the day
* noted my workouts and meals in my journal
* eats were good, except the box of kashi cookies I ate on my way out of town. 

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