Monday, August 8, 2011

move, play, create

Week 1 Monday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  

Yesterday I a cute russell+hazel beige spiral notebook at Target and I'll be logging all my workouts and eats in for this challenge.  It's always exciting to start a new challenge, but the challenge really for me is sticking to it and staying focused for the entire 4 weeks.  This week is definitely going to add an additional challenge with everything I have going so I'm going to really need to stay focused  and motivated, oh yes and we can't forget getting up early, so I can be in great shape.

challenge goals
* know what motivates me
* finish reading & implement new habits from the book I'm reading
* review the workouts a week ahead & have a plan of action
* get sleep - lights out by 10pm
* increase arm and ab definition
* visualize myself toned and thin; NO MORE self-sabotage
* say the daily affirmations
* journal my workouts and meals

daily affirmation (actually Tuesdays)
I feel blessed to be able to move, play & create.

today's workout (actually Tuesdays)
I swapped Monday and Tuesday this week since Fit Foodies are meeting for our bi-weekly walk  tonight so I'll do the Booty Firm up video tomorrow morning. 
1.5 mile Walk w Fit Foodies
2 loops each on the blue trail
* 30 minute walk 
* 20 minute run

I stopped by Ollies yesterday and picked up Scale Down for $4.99.  I'd never heard of it before today, but was intrigued by the title and felt like I was supposed to buy it.   It's not a normal thing for me to buy a book since I typically get bored either half way or 3/4 into the book and don't finish.  I get bored  to quickly and end up giving up on the book, but last night when I started I was still reading over an hour and a half later.  I found this book to be very inspirational and emotional and I can't wait till I get home tonight to read more.

daily review:
* didn't get to reading my book. 
* Reviewed workout for tomorrow + added workouts for the week to my journal 
* in bed by 10pm and lights out by 10:30pm
* repeated the daily affirmations throughout the day
* noted my workouts and meals in my journal
* eats were pretty on.

View Daily Eats

Dinner/post-workout I had a chocolate protein shake and an apple.
I did also walk past some donuts in our administration office when I went to pick up the mail.  I almost grabbed one and am very proud that I didn't.  Around 9:30pm my belly was grumbling so I opened up a bag of animal crackers.  I ate two handfuls + a full glass of water.  Normally I would have eaten the entire contents of the bag, but I forced myself to put away the bag.  I still ate more then I should, but progress is still progress no matter how small.  The fact that I didn't eat the entire bag is a major step.  NO MORE self sabotage.  

GOAL: put animal crackers in snack bags so when I'm craving them I only eat a healthy amount versus mindlessly munching on an entire bag.

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