Wednesday, August 17, 2011

race against the clock

Week 2 Wednesday
Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge  
I had a minor set back this morning when my alarm didn't go off, but luckily I woke up at 6:45am which gave me just enough time to sneak in my bodyrock workout before having to hit the showers.  It  was nice to be fully awake and not having to push myself out of bed before getting ready to workout .  I even slept in my workout attire & set up my yoga mat and notebook last night, which helped in saving some time.   I realized  last night before going to bed that I left my phone charger at work and my battery was pretty low.  I  was hoping their was enough juice left to last till I got to work today, but it drained before sometime in the middle of the night and I totally spaced and didn't set my clock alarm.    

I think if I'm going to continue doing bodyrock workouts I'll be investing in a gymboss timer, because it's just easier.  The Tabata timer is nice, but it's hard to do the 10/10 second intervals back to back without hearing stop/go and it's a little confusing.

I was having difficulty staying balanced for the side plank knee touch,  so I eliminated the knee touch.  Next time thinking about doing Straight Leg Pull Up instead.

The prisoner sit ups proved to be very difficult to perform with proper form, as I kept plopping down on the ground instead of a slow flow so I decided on sit ups instead.  I kept my legs flat on the ground & my hands behind my head for a little challenge.  Though after finding sling sit ups (picture below) today I think I would prefer to use that as a substitute for the next time, especially since it also incorporates my arms.

* Amazing abs: 12 minute Bodyrock interval workout
* 7 minute yoga video (this is wonderful post Bodyrock!).

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* read Scale Down ch. 0 pg 00-00 (00 minutes)
* Tomorrow's Workout: Active Rest Day
* in bed by 11pm and lights out by 11:10pm
* repeated the daily affirmations throughout the day
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* eats were pretty on. I did eat one extra snack/meal.

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